Vangilder, Alexander

Starfleet Personnel File 079-82-E-165
Name: Vangilder, Alexander

Service ID: A-11-C-91-Z-03

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade


Place of Birth: Earth Lunar Colony Medical Center

Date of Birth: 03.15.2390 (local date)

Race: Human (Lunar born)

Height: 1.85 m (6'1)

Weight: 75.29 k

Hair: Brown

Graduation from Starfleet Academy: Class of 2412

Shake down Posting: USS Izgar

Starfleet Academy notes:

Vangilder graduated in the top three percent of his Engineering class, earning particular merit in Systems Integration and Advanced Development programs. Lower marks were earned in his Combat performance evaluations, generally it is believed if he had somehow improved in these areas then perhaps he would have graduated at a high percentage of his class. Vangilder does demonstrate a high desire to prove his own ability, almost to a point that he tends to volunteer for projects with out thinking them through. There is no notation however of him ever failing to deliver a completed project.

Shake down Cruise notes:

Vangilder equated himself very well during his Post Graduation Tour of Duty. Reporting to Duty on time if not early, no recorded run ins with Security, and a general respectful attitude towards 'Senior' Staff. Even though he clearly out preformed most in Academy classes, with the exception of a select few. Vangilder appears to have little issue in working with any race of officer he has been assigned to work with, with the notable exception of telepaths, and that even seems to be to a lesser degree than other Cadets typically show in their first exposures to such. Vangilder preformed above and beyond expectations in the "Adrift Scenario" ran during the end of the cruise. Vangilder's actions and solution earned him enough merits to be promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Scenario notes:

Chosen Scenario was "Adrift", a live drill incident where in the Starship looses Warp-core Power and back up power. Multiple solutions are made available to the Cadets, hidden in various files and Emergency Manuals and Protocols. There is also open space for unusual solutions. To fully test Cadets, the Experienced Officers are removed, in the case such as this they were in conference when a 'Feedback' occurred in the EPS grid of the room. Thus creating the environment that pushes the Cadets to step into their rolls appointed. In this manner Command Staff Officers are given a full taste of what they could face outside a simulator. In this instance, while the Command Cadets went about solving the problem, as training dictated, Vangilder approached the Acting Captain and provided a solution to look into. He had convinced the Acting Captain to allow him to utilize the ships three shuttle craft engines, linking them to one another and adding in burn out loops to prevent a cascade failure. Since all three were capable of limited warp, no more than 2.5 for a few hours, Vangilder reasoned there could be enough to 'Jump Start' the Ships core and get primary power back online. Vangilder's solution was not the fastest recorded or even made available, however, it was original and has been added to the list of viable solutions for any other implementation of "Adrift"
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