Vatka t'Dre'el


Vatka t'Dre'el




exact DOB unkown

  • Mæc tr'Dre'el (paternal);
    Romulan, deceased
  • Mnheia t'Dre'el (maternal);
    Romulan, deceased
  • Alidar tr'Dre'el (sibling, male);
    Romulan, Centurion, New Romulus,
  • Serima t'Dre'el (sibling, female);
    Romulan, civilian

Vatka t'Dre'el was born as the second child of two reunificationists of noble descent somewhere early 2388 on the colony world Constanthus. Following the destruction of romulus the tal'shiar decided to statute examples on high ranking political dissidents to "restore law order" by force. Vatkas famaly was one of the unfortunate victims of the tal'shiars new policy and was thrown into a internment camp only knows as "Installation 14" (( aka. "The Hellhole" )).

Since the tal'shiar makes no difference between political prisoners and actual criminals, vatka grew up among murderers, pirates, slavers and other undesireables. After the death of her parents during a prison riot and the reassingment of her older brother to another labor batallion she joined the ranks of one of the many gangs that formed themselfs in the many penal camps of the romulan star empire.

One of the few things that is known about her life in installation 14 is that she somehow managed it to get under the protection of a gorn smuggler known as "Bolg". Bolg teached her all the tricks and skills she needed to survive in the camp and even more.

Following another prison riot in 2404 vatka and her gang, the "Raptors Shadows", managed it to successfully comandeer a damaged T'Varo warbird of the romulan star navy. Following their escape the ship would not show up on known records for the next year.

In 2405 the USS Nimue picked up a t'varo warbird illegaly traversing the border between the federation and the klingon empire, markings on the ships hull identified it as the "Raptors Shadow". A short conversation between the captain of the Nimue and the warbird identified Vatka as the captain of the vessel.

Records of starfleet intelligence and starfleet security show that the ship could be found all over the alpha and beta quadrant over the next decade.

Vatka t'Dre'el is reputed to have a far reaching network of contacts in the underworld and on the black market. She prides herself also to be able to procure anything be it the rarest still existing ( and highly illegal ) vintage of Chech'tluth, or the latest information that allowes one to blackmail a member of the federation council.

Vatka has no qualms taking on missions, or trading with merchandise that break any possible law stating that "Anything is legal.......somewhere." The only line she seems to draw are at slavery and drug dealing.
She is rumored to be in possession of a "smugglers star chart" that allowes her to traverse known space completly undetected even without the usage of the latest cloacking technology.

Known criminal records:

Romulan star empire
Wanted for the crimes of:
- conspiracy against the state
- high treason in 5 cases
- treason in 2 cases
- lèse-majesté
- assault of imperial military personnel
- theft of imperial property
- kidnapping
- smuggeling
- piracy
- obstructing law enforcment officers in the course of their duty in 1854 cases
- vandalism

Klingon empire:
All records wiped on the orders of high councillor [redacted].

- smuggeling, charges dismissed due to lack of evidence
- possession of illegal substances, charges dismissed due to lack of evidence
- usage of non-permitted sub light engine enhancements, paid in full
- impersionation of starfleet personnel, charges dismissed
- disruption of peace in 5 cases, paid in full
- minor assault in 8 cases, paid in full

Romulan Republic:
No known records.


Spoiler: ACCESS FILEShow

At stardate 490326.1, subcommander Aurelia t'Veras braught [REDACTED] into contact with our organization.
[REDACTED] was subsequently recruited as a field agent and codenamed "akhiy".

Operative "akhiy" is currently under orders to maintain her image as a civilian trader and recently founded the "Mol Rihan shipping Co." wich will serve as a cover for covert operations throughout known space.
Spoiler: ACCESS FILEShow

:: Highlevel 9 Encryption

Boss you were right. There "was" a tal'shair goon sniffing behind us.
I made it look like a suicide and recovered all information he managed to get on us.
You should read what he found on you. Its quite the fiction.



Target profile: Subcommander "Akhiy"

Name: "Akhiy", real name unkown
Rank/Profession: Subcommander, operative of the "romulan republic intel service"
Age: unkown, presumed between 25 - 40
Species: presumed reman, female

The first confirmed contact with akhiy came at stardate 490326.1 when operatives known to be affiliated to her foiled a tal'shiar operation on the romulan colony world of Lexxus IV. Tal'shiar operatives attempted to rig the local elections to ensure that a more empire friendly person would take the position of the colonial gouvenor. However, several operatives, under them the to that point unkown akhiy, managed it to uncover the operation and revealed it to the local populace. As the result a colony at a strategic valuable position decided to join d'tan and his terroristic organization.

Shortly after, tal'shiar operatives were faced with a widereaching network of contacts and agents, dubbed the "akhiy cell", who all were organized by akhiy. Interestingly most of the employed operatives, aside from the "inner circle" that is acting as akhiy's lieutenants, are known people from the underworld of this galaxy like mercenaries, smugglers and even pirates.

Reviews of early dealings with the "akhiy cell" show us that the main thing that binds its members is a insatiable hate for the romulan star empire in general and the tal'shiar in particular.

The tal'shiar made multiple attempts to capture or eliminate akhiy at the cost of a great number of operatives. Akhiy eluded all such efforts to date.

So far we were unsuccessful in getting any useful information on the person of akhiy herself. However, the few eyewitness accounts we have on her all state that she tends to flinch when confronted with bright lights as well as a tendency to hold her meetings in darkly lit areas. This leads me to the conclusion that she might be of reman origin.

According to information recovered by the use of sleeperagents within the d'tan "government", the "akhiy cell" recieves no official funding from the republic itself. I suspect that she is somehow organizing the required funds herself.

Interestingly it seems like the republic prepared a number of contengencies in case the "akhiy cell" gets out of control. I recommend to do more reasearch in this direction to see if it can be exploited to shut down akhiy's operations against us for good.

In the opinion of this analyst akhiy is one of the most successful assets d'tans terroristic organization is fielding within the romulan star empire.

Akhiy is responsible for the loss of over 500 tal'shiar operatives as well as the loss of a great number of resources, not to mention the damage she caused to the romulan star navy.

This investigators recommendation. Immediate capture or elimination of akhiy and total dismanteling of her information network. Should she be allowed to remain unchecked during our conflict with the so called "romulan republic" and theire allies i see no way for the survival of the tal'shiar.

Centurion Væbn tr'Tei
Tal'shiar analysis group