Class: Patrol Escort
Variant: Unknown
Registry: NX-93173
Fleet/Attachment: Unknown
Active: Unknown

Length: 320 meters
Width: 210 meters
Height: 35 meters
Decks: 8

Captain: Hesuia
Senior Officers:

Officers: N/A
Enlisted Crew: 122
Civilians: N/A
Emergency Limit: 600

Propulsion Systems:
2 FIG-10 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units
Primary and secondary warp cores

Most of the propulsion systems appear to have been heavily modified with technology from at least 10 different species.

Cruise Speed: Warp 8.8

Maximum Speed: Warp 9.976

Emergency Speed: Transwarp 20.3

Weapons and Defensive Systems
Shields: Hesuias ship uses an unknown multiphasic shield. It is able to adapt over time to incoming damage, much like borg shields.

Armor: Unknown neutronium alloy

Weapon Systems:
16 Pulsed phaser cannons
2 Ultra heavy orbital defense phaser cannons
6 Pulsed phaser turrets
1 Tempest tail gun

This ship has been extensively modified to add additional weapons, most notably are the cannons from 2 orbital defense batteries. These are drawing power directly from the secondary warp core. This causes their damage potential to be absolutely staggering but also dangerous to use as the energy recoil could damage the ship systems.
Most likely they force the secondary warp core to be restarted before they can fire again.

Torpedo Inventories:
2 Forward torpedo launchers
250 Quantum torpedoes
300 Photon torpedoes

Auxiliary Craft
Shuttle Bays: 1