Victory Is Life -- The Holosim! Order Yours Today!


From the studio that brought you Liquidator 117 and World of Warbirds, comes the hottest new holosuite program of the year. On Stardate 94640 you can purchase your very own copy of Victory Is Life for a one-of-a-kind experience, based on a true ¹ story. For just 19 strips of gold-pressed latinum, you'll experience the thrill of adventure, danger, romance, intrigue and the most realistic combat ever reproduced on a hologrid.


Created directly from exclusive real-life sensor records captured during the final days of the Dominion-Hur'q War, Victory Is Life gives players the opportunity to step into the role of one of four key characters, who must use their skill, strategy, heroism, and lobes to overcome impossible odds and save the galaxy from certain disaster.


In Victory Is Life you'll overcome challenging puzzles, interact with the galaxy's most celebrated heroes ¹, and of course, take the fight to the Hur'q in ultra-realistic space and ground combat as you command your allies to victory. With four factions and three playstyles to choose from, Victory Is Life offers over three hundred hours of adventure and endless ² replay value.


In addition to the incredible narrative experience, Victory Is Life also features local and networked co-op modes, so you and up to three friends ³ can take on specially-designed teamwork-based objectives and swarms of Hur'q that would challenge even the bravest of Klingon Warriors.

For the ultimate challenge, players can purchase the Victory Is Life: Burrowers Expansion Pack and play as the Hur'q! Test your skills against the galaxy's finest as you make your way across the quadrant in an epic quest to consume the galaxy's resources. Burrowers will be available for just 10 additional strips GPL when pre-ordered with the base holosim.


Victory Is Life is currently available for pre-order on the Ferengi Futures Exchange and at  these fine retailers. The holosim will be available for download to your local computer core on Stardate 94640.

¹ Characters and events in Victory Is Life do not represent actual persons or events. Any resemblances are purely coincidental, unintentional, and not legally entitled to compensation.
² Holosim does not include timetravel, and is compliant with all Alliance-mandated temporal regulations.
³ Friends not included.


((Events of Home are now fleet canon.
...feel free to play it ICly :x ))