Name: V'lol

Species: Vulcan

Gender: Female

Relatives: Mother - V'ril. Father - Sthule.

Character's Place of Birth: Lower Shi'kahr, Vulcan

Date of Birth: July 15th, 2380

Height: 5'6 ft

Weight: 128 lbs

Hair: Jet Black

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Tan

-Bachelor's Degree, Computer Sciences, Vulcan Science Academy.
-Starfleet Academy Graduate, Advanced Fighter School

Previous Assignments:
-12th Fighter Wing, USS Jupiter (3rd Fleet, Eta Eridani Front)
-223rd Planetary Defense Wing, Merak III
-6th Fighter Wing, USS M'ress (6th Fleet, Eta Eridani Front)
-32nd Reconnaissance Wing, USS Hornet (Eta Eridani Front)
-Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Axiom

Current Assignment:
-Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Pegasus

Which Department is the Character part of, or received training in? Engineering (Computer Sciences), Piloting (Fighter Craft)

Ship Name and Designation: She flies a Peregrine class fighter. It would have its squadron designation. On the nosecone is painted 'I.D.I.C.: Infinite Destruction Through Infinite Combinations'.

Character Biography:

Born to the parents of pre-Surak historians and reunificationist activists, V'lol grew up in the lower Shi'kahr warrens and excelled in her studies. She graduated primary school and immediately joined the Vulcan Science Academy where she earned her bachelorate in Computer Sciences. She had worked in the civilian sector as an LCARS programmer, until tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire continued to build towards war. Possessing a sense of patriotism and wanting to find more challenge in her life she joined Starfleet Academy where she signed up for the fighter program. First learning her trade at Starfleet's flight school satellite campus in Marseilles France, she then qualified and moved on to the advanced fighter school at Jupiter Station, where she graduated in the 90th percentile. It was from there she was immediately assigned to the Eta Eridani front, mostly assigned to fighter and interceptor wings on board various carriers and planetary defence garrisons. Despite spending the entirety of the Federation/Klingon war at the Eta Eridani front, she managed to survive the atrocious casualty rates the fighter corp experienced during that bloody conflict. She experienced a brief pause during the Klingon/Federation armistice until the Iconian invasion. During the big Iconian push she was transferred to a reconnaissance wing, flying recon missions laid out by Starfleet Intelligence while she was based out of the carrier USS Hornet. Post Iconian Armistice, she stayed on the USS Hornet, but when SFI downsized their reconnaissance wings she sought another assignment. She heard of a squadron leader command on the USS Axiom and pursued the opportunity.

After the Axiom was reassigned, she took a post as the Chief Flight Officer of the USS Pegasus

Personality: Ruthlessly logical. Incredibly efficient. Calculating, acerbic and intelligent. Believes in the needs of the many and follows it to some very cold blooded conclusions. A follower of Surak and a steadfast Federation patriot. A staunch anti-unificationist whom sees the Romulans as incapable of adopting even the basic teachings of logic and emotional control and refuses the possibility of Vulcans conceding any logic or emotional control to meet their Romulan relatives half way. She is a perfectionist, having mastered kal-to, practices 3D chess moves and plays the Vulcan Lyre with great skill but uninspired duplication.

Additional Information or Questions: I based the idea of the character on the Ruthless logic vulcan. The idea of making her a reconnaissance pilot stems from spyplane and U2 pilots, and would guess that the Federation may also do something similar from time to time. Her endgame is definitely to become an intelligence officer thanks to her combination of computer knowledge and battlefield training.
NOTE: Updated for new assignment