Waydis System Recon 2


Task Force Argo Captains,
Updated Waydis System Reconnaissance

Our Task Force has been assigned with conducting a secondary system recon of the Waydis star system. Starfleet command has decided to try and support the Waydi's request for help, as reported by their representitive during Lieutenant Sedai's recon a few weeks ago.

The Waydis system is considered OCCUPIED by the Klingon Empire. Please assemble a volunteer task force of 2 to 4 vessels to recon the system. Special attention must be taken to ensure that no contact is made with any Klingon vessels or civilian traffic in the system. Your mission goals are as follows:

1 - Determine any significant changes in the system since the last recon was completed.
2 - Attempt to determine possible size of Klingon forces in the system
3 - Look for any indication that the indigenous Waydi species is openly supporting or is being physically "occupied" by the Klingon Empire

A previous science recon of the system can be found HERE . Your finding should be reported within 72 hours from completion of the mission. Please attempt to complete this mission within the next 10 days.

Any questions can be directed to Command or the Ops Officer.

(( Here is another non-tactical foundry mission for any group that wants to do this. It is titled: Waydis System Recon 2 - TFA. This is a smaller portion of the Waydi story, but a necessary stepping block to the next big ticket for it. Anyone can do this, and if more than one group wants to, please do! I'm just asking for a report on this when you're done as it helps build to the NEXT step. ))