What does your character's office/ready room look like?

Had a fun thread idea. Posted this once before in the ZEF -

All of the COs or XOs or administrative characters in this fleet have an office / ready room.

What does that office look like? Does it speak to their hobbies, their tastes, their love of family or friends?

If you RP enough in an office posting descriptions of relevant details can get a little annoying. So if people like this idea, please, post. Hopefully next time you need to describe stuff you can just toss the link out! :d
Commander Thue's Office:

Just off of the bridge, the Riov's office is understated and mostly undecorated.


Recently, a few things have moved into the little-seen room, tastefully set in amongst the model T'Liss, T'Varo and Malems on her shelving...

  • A small box displaying her medals sits on a shelf beside her desk. Previously hidden, her Gold Swords, Gold Laurel and D'takaram are now on display for her small crew or visiting officers to see. Despite the display it's not ostentatious and if you're not looking for them, you may miss them.

  • An aviary covered by glass, containing a single Pyrithian bat sits against the wall of her ready room. As her office is often kept dark with stark green lights, the creature seems to live a solitary existence. Small, colorful ladders and bells can be seen wriggling on the netting it uses to suspend itself. Though it appears to have no name and she never speaks of it, it's well cared for.

  • A holopicture is set into the wall behind the Commander's desk - the picture shows four Romulan children of varying ages, as well as what must be their parents. They all have hair of varying shades of dark brown, and for a Romulan family in a holo they seem surprisingly jovial. It must have been caught in a candid moment in their (unimpressive) family estate. The smallest young girl, scrawny and with long chestnut hair that borders on a shade of red, is likely the Commander herself.

  • Only centimeters from the first holopicture is another - it's smaller, perhaps in an attempt to be more private - showing Professor Ahnar tr'Veras in a bit of a far off shot ... seems like it might be on a beach, and he appears to be laughing.

  • A small Eledri flag, a tourist's bauble, rests wherever it seems to find itself - maybe it's often fiddled with.

  • There is a drawer under the holo-keyboard often used - it's locked. Must contain something off-limits.
Captain Dallas Burns' Office

Placed on the Starboard Side of the bridge, the Yorktown's ready room is standard in formation and regular appearance except for a few choice objects placed and set to decorate the spartan room.

While very few actually go into this ready room to look at the decorations, there are some:

  • A black shadowbox containing his medals and commendations as well as a selection of combadges with a small plaque underneath denoting the ship it was issued on. In order they are Fairchild, Rubicon, Rutherford, Yorktown (Sovereign Class) , Dallas and Yorktown (Odyssey/Yorktown Class)

  • An expensive looking model of the Modern U.S.S. Yorktown placed on the far side of the desk, it looks hand painted and very well constructed, though much smaller than her real life counterpart.

  • A Black picture frame in which there is a picture of two adults and an infant while at a Hospital, with the woman holding the child while in a hospital bed. The woman and child look very unremarkable while the male standing next to the two looks like a much younger Dallas, sporting jet black hair in full and sideburns that go down to just below his ear instead of his mustache.

  • A small flag holder with a Federation flag and the flag of the 38th Fleet. An inscription on the base reads, "Ad Astra" in bright white lettering.

  • Another, smaller, picture frame with Dallas' blonde Swedish girlfriend next to a small jewlwery stand, upon which hangs a small heart-shaped pendant.*

  • A cerimonial beer stein sitting on a shelf on the back that bears the Starfleet insignia and the profile of the U.S.S. Yorktown. There is black text that reads, "U.S.S. Yorktown, NCC-98300 Commanding Officer - Dallas Burns" along the side, underneath the profile. The stein itself is a pewter white with metal top and fastenings for a ornamental handle. The bottom is glass and see through and the whole thing looks well kept and shined.

Spoiler: *Show
Sivath's office is used as "dynamic storage space" by DS13 Operations. It's full of stem bolts currently. They haven't been caught at it yet because he's almost never there.
The following is actually a description of the main room of Alina's quarters I wrote up a while ago. She does have an office on the science level too though, which I will write a separate post for later. This is relevant though as she does a fair amount of her research at home as well.

Alina's living space

Alina's penchant for personalizing her own space, a carryover from her younger years trying to be as unique as possible to distinguish herself from her sister, led the quarters to be set up rather differently than a typical living space for someone of her rank. She had the normal tables and one chair completely removed and replaced with an intricate center console which had holographic interfaces and a nearby desk. On the desk were littered stub-PADDS, smaller extendable models that could be scrolled out, designed for writing quick notes. These seemed to be focused on random and recent research ideas she had. A large holographic screen on the desk showed a to-do list with no less than 14 main items, and almost two to three footnote items on each. A micro-projector sitting on the main console also showed several pages of what was likely the book she'd been writing.

On the other side on the console was a display case containing 4 different violins, one of them the silvery-white color that signified Alina's primary instrument. It was unclear why she had 3 others though, as they weren't labeled. Above the violin display were animated posters of the late songstress Zandy Nome during her 2394 performance where she and Rasshima debuted their song "Lion Strength." On an opposite wall were also posters of sky bikes flying acrobatic maneuvers to a backdrop of Laren Manev on Trill. Nearby that wall was a bookcase of sorts with a collection of holographic display photos of various people, Alina in some them, never managing to look comfortable in front of a camera. Notable images had her with her sister at a very young age and with surprisingly long hair, her with a group of MACOs including Arad Malito, whom also showed up in a picture with Alina and Cosmic Venus star Meryl Gunyr. Lastly an entire shelf had been dedicated to pictures of Andria, or ones with both her and Alina together. There was even one of Anne from before Anarhai. The shelf was notable for having a series of paper folded items as a centerpiece. Typical of the setting would be somewhere in the room, often times at the top of the shelf, a caracal by the name of Selena would be sprawled out lazing while listening to the pop music Alina almost constantly had playing.

The lighting in the room was surprisingly low, with a gentle blue glow bouncing off the walls. Following the source of the blue glow didn't take long to reveal the source was the rather large semi-spherical glowing blue orb on the ceiling right above the center console. It was not only lit up but was slowly wafting a fog downward, an artifact of a cooling system no doubt. The blue orb was in fact the housing for the 'brain' of Alina's parallel hybrid isolinear/neural circuitry based Class 1 Computer system, typically known as Ziggy. Touching a hand to the center console ignited a blue beam that rose from it to Ziggy's brain sphere in order to wake the system from sleep mode or simply to get it's attention. Ziggy speaks in the room with a powerful speaker system that can have the effect of the almost sultry female voice it was programmed to use coming out booming at times.
Trellain's ready room is very austere, due to her keeping a seperation between her personal life, and career. The only place people would see any sign of her decorating, or personalising things, would be her quarters. Visitors entering her ready room would be struck by the temperature change, as she keeps the room at a comfy 40, or 50 degrees Fahrenheit, for her Andorian temperature. The few decorative plants, and fish kept in an aquarium, are Andorian, and not effected by the colder temperatures she prefers. Along the right hand wall, as one would enter, there are models of the various ships, she has commanded, served on, or evaluated over her time in Star Fleet. The models range from a Miranda, Excelsior, Majestic, Galaxy Dreadnought, Pathfinder, Andromeda, before ending on a model of The Yamato class. On a shelf behind the desk, sit a few books, a study of klingon tactics, and psychology, Various books on tactics of other races, and one biography. The biography is titled "Statesman Soldier: A biography of Cpt. Edward Jellicho", and has a few pages bookmarked. Aside from these few touches, her ready room is almost exactly the same as when she arrived.
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Nimitz's ready room on the Rutledge has a lived in feeling, rather unusual for a Romulan like himself, he tends to conduct meetings in a more personal setting as his ready room is large enough for all the senior staff to comfortably sit/stand around.

There is a dog bed near the door where his pet Rottweiler, Willy, likes to nap while Nimitz works.
Nimitz also keeps behind his desk hanging on the wall, his Family Honor sword, The blade has been decorated with engravings of each holder's most significant achievement in their lifetime, one of the most notable engravings is the Terran letter C.
On Nimitz's desk, there are a few personal photos, as well as a hand carved wooden model of his first command.
The Office of Khre’Riov Rellir i-Ra’tleihfi t’Lhaihtrha

The office of the Khre’Riov sits in the Embassy Wing of Deep Space Thirteen. Its architecture – designed by the Federation – is pristine and eminently pragmatic with its plain metallic walls and floor.

And yet, there are hints of the Romulan occupant made obvious almost immediately upon entering. The room’s temperature is noticeably warmer than the hall outside, and the gravimetric plating directly beneath the floor has been programmed for a slightly higher gravity than earth norm. All of the readout displays of the consoles show the emerald dagger-point lettering of the Romulan People.

On the wall behind the heavy wooden desk hangs a black banner – which, upon closer inspection belies its age in the places where the original fabric dye has begun to fade to brown or slightly alter in shade and in other places where the weave of the fabric itself has become visible to the naked eye.

Spoiler: The Banner:Show
The central embroidery of the banner depicts a faded greenish-rust colored stylized T’Liss eating a small rodent of some sort. In other places on the banner has been sewn various embroidered patches. Some of the more visually identifiable include an extremely tattered and faded patch depicting a T’Liss bird destroying an IDIC medallion (obviously it was removed from its original backing.); a T’varo (Or a T’Liss vessel – it’s hard to tell) flying through the explosion of a Starfleet NX Vessel; and four other badges of varying age depicting a T’Varo flying through the explosion of the vessel of a Klingon Bird of Prey, A Borg probe, a Vadwaar vessel and an Iconian Herald’s ship.

Beneath the banner lies a sword sitting on a black, ornately carved wooden sword stand.

Spoiler: The Sword:Show
It has been unsheathed in order to reveal its well-honed and oiled blade, yet even with the obvious care it receives; its age shows through in the slight discoloration of the metal it was forged with and the faded dye of the prayerfully wrapped cloth bands of its hilt. The presence of the ancient weapon for those sensitive to such things, speaks volumes of the fact that it is not merely a show-blade but one that has seen combat. On the pommel of the hilt has been etched a tiny T’liss (a small bird of prey native to Romulus) – its stylization matches that of the central embroidery of the banner hanging on the wall.

The darkly-stained wooden desk lays mostly bare, save for a small personal console that sits in its center. There are no drawers. The simple metal chair that sits behind the desk clashes sharply with the wooden desk itself. There are no other chairs in the room.

The rug lying on the floor appears to be a polite afterthought and created in the same manner that other federation office rugs are – only instead of a giant symbol of the federation, there is a giant symbol of the Romulan Republic woven into its threads.
Chief security officer's quarters - RRW Saeihr

Not the largest of spaces on a Tactical Command Warbird, this appears to be an officer's quarters split in two. The outer section has been re-tasked as part office and part armory for the head of security.

The office.
Salvaged from the wreckage of DS13, The duty officer's desk is a standard Federation item, battered and worn, it lines the forward wall of the space. Notable scuffs on one edge show where a generation of security officers have leaned on it while watching the primary display in the room in it's previous home.

Above the desk can be found several framed fragments. A 28th fleet circular uniform patch has been displayed as the latest in a series of deployment patches which vary from simple Romulan numerals on scraps of uniform cloth to engraved metallic pins. In another frame is a Starfleet Medal of Commendation, Issued on Stardate 93330.3.

The starboard wall is blank, except for the main hatch and a small, trapezoidal LCARS panel, usually on standby.

The port wall has been hung with absorbent matting material, similar to that found in a martial art's dojo. Depending on the time of day, and the current duty rota a large punching bag can be found hanging close to this.

The aft wall is wall-to-wall weapons lockers, broken only by the hatch into eri'Riov Ralaa's sleeping quarters. Each locker is carefully marked with a stenciled number and keypad. These contain an assortment of weapons and toolkits. The locker furthest starboard is marked with the symbol for medical supplies and has a double-authentication lock.

The chief's bedroom.
This room is remarkably neat. Everything appears to have a place and everything is in that place.
Three bookshelves, one cupboard for clothing and a cot bed that has been made so tightly, you could bounce a stem-bolt off it.

The bookshelves contain no personal memorabilia or decoration, but are all related to S'Tokkr's life as a soldier and instructor. Manuals from many organisations on procedures and processes fill the first shelf.
The second shelf are books on the philosophy and execution of martial arts from throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants. There are quite a few duplicates here, stacked and carefully bound together.
The third and fourth shelves are behind a protective panel and packed tightly with Romulan and Federation PADDs, ordered by numeric tags on the edge.
Ready Room - USS Endymion

The ready room is located near the bridge, directly linked with the former with a door. VanDeer uses his ready room for unofficial meeting, encounter his officers and his friends or, like probably every captain, as personal office. The room is dominates from a desk, in false black ebony, near which are located three sofa. A little low piece of furniture, behind the desk in glass and wood is full with bottles. Besides the standard furniture for every captains, in the ready room are present two table.

One is located at the right of the main desk, with all the necessary instruments to work on clocks and similar. The desk is located near the main window of the office, directed on the port side of the Endymion. Usually are located unfinished clocks, pieces, lancets and other things assimilable to the noble art of the horologer.

The second table is located on the opposite side of the room, after two high little piece of furniture full of dpaad, books and little models of various starship of the Federation. The table is an holo-workstation, used usually from the engineers to work on prototype and design. VD, despite his role, tries every time he can to continue his engineer's work. He could be find spending a lot of time working or on a new hand-made clock or in the design of vessels and new modules for the Endymion.

In the room, usually, can be find the personal violin of the captain, various dpaad and books scattered across the entire room. Effectively, the ready room is not one of the most well-ordered of Starfleet and of the ship. VD, contrarily at the tradition, prefers to work in a "ordered disorder", where he, and only he, is capable of find all the necessary things.
Captain Konieczko's Ready Room

Just off the bridge of the Vanguard, the Captain keeps several personal and professional possessions for display, these are the prominent ones:

This desk like the one in his quarters is made of an Earth wood. Though this one specifically is made of a dark Walnut. In general the desk is relatively clear

  • On the corner of his desk there sits a stack of PADDs, typically between two and four depending on the day.
  • Off to the side of the terminal there is a framed photo of Dmitri and Tilly, both are smiling for whatever is taking the picture.
  • Opposite of the framed photo on the other side of the terminal sets a replica noble class ship in a polished silver. Finger print smudge the finish, it's clear it's been handled.
  • There's a recent addition to his desk in the form of a green coffee mug bearing the Republic's emblem.

Wall decorations and other items around the room.

  • Behind the Captain's desk on the wall is the captured Bat'leth recovered from a fallen boarder from the Telok incident. It appears to be well used and battle damaged.

  • In a corner sits what appears to be a replica globe of Earth on wheels, it's wrapped in 16th century nautical maps.
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    Upon opening it it becomes apparent that it is stocked.

  • On the opposite wall facing the Captain's desk, unseen unless you look in the direct direction hangs an oil painting of the captain as an old naval captain.
    Spoiler: Show
  • To the side behind the captain's desk is a bookshelf, on it several paperback books, mostly engineering, command and tactical literature however mixed in is also several Shakespeare compilations.
Draz's ready room aboard Saraswati has only been occupied for a couple of months, and is still virtually anonymous (and quite tidy). The only thing out of place is a couple of standard Starfleet lockboxes, about a meter on a side, sitting in one corner. These are keyed to the captain's thumbprint, and perhaps soon she'll get around to opening them and placing some or all of the contents around the office.
During his first months in command, Timoreev didn't really care about decorating his own office.
However, as he came to think at the Ananke as his home, the office began little by little to be occupied by....things, that Timoreev collected during his missions and voyages. He didn't do it with a specific plan in mind, but instead adding one thing after the other.


On the desk, the most prominent object is a sort of yellow-colored, stone pyramid of 15 cm of height. It is the almost perfect reproduction of one of the most important graves he found when on board the Rihlah in the Hiillan System. On the other side of the desk, there's a photo, portraing him during the graduation ceremony at Starfleet Academy. Apart for these two objects, the desk is usually full of padds.

Wall decorations

On the wall in front of the entrance there's a painting of the Russian 22nd century painter Ivan Gradinsky, called "Evening Daylight", which portrays a tree in the full of blossoming, inserted inside a very complex symbolic matrix of other objects (typical of the painter's style).
On another wall (right to the door), there are two big shelves, each full of many different objects: one is full of archaeological findings, the other of models of warp cores and nacelles, very carefully organized for size and role.
Finally, behind the desk and on the wall of the entrance there are shelves covered with starship models: a Luna class, a Sovereign class, a Miranda class, an Akira class, and, obviously, an Excelsior class. There's also a small picture representing the detailed schematics of a Runabout engine.
I can't decide...




You know, just sort of humble and down-to-Earth.
Office of Maiell - "Comms Officer"

On the RRW Arhae, the office of Maiell sits three or four paces down from the office of his commanding officer. The outside of the office is completely unremarkable. However, officers on the Arhae make a point of avoiding Maiell's office at all costs.

General Office Layout

The office itself is remarkablely small. It's a small, 10ft by 10ft room with no windows, and only one point of entry. Absolutely no maintenance shafts lead to the office, but a very small air-vent (6 inch diameter) can be seen on the ceiling. A single, solitary incandescent light, hanging by a metallic string, dangles from the center of the room. Aside from a chair behind Maiell's desk, there are no other placed to sit within the office.


Utilitarian and simple, Maiell's desk features seven drawers total. The only form of 'decoration' on the desk is a green statue of the Romulan Raptor. The desk also has a single computer console, which can only be accessed by a special 'key' reserved solely for the "comms officer" and the CO of the RRW Arhae. The only chair in the room is made of metal. It is reserved solely for the occupant of the desk.

Maiell's desk shown below.
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Wall Decorations

Visitors are swiftly reminded that Maiell is a firm believer in the Romulan ideal. Various Propaganda posters adjourn his wall. Hanging just behind his office is a large banner of the Romulan Republic. Past that, Maiell has no personalized decorations.

Example of propaganda posters:
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CO's Ready Room, U.S.S. Windrunner

Spoiler: The Wall DisplaysShow

Upon entering the ready room, one sees the two prominent wall decorations. On the left, a tasteful and mobile display of several strips of gold-pressed latinum. Commander Lennox claims that some are holdovers from his youth, and others were won at various dabo tables around the Alpha and Beta quadrants. On the right, a Klingon bat'leth hangs before a symbol of the Klingon Empire. Lennox, according to reports, used the weapon to defend shipmates during the evacuation of the U.S.S. Buckingham when it was boarded by Klingons. He was wounded in the process, but saved many lives.

Spoiler: The ShelvesShow

A shelving unit dominates the wall opposite the desk. The top shelf is somewhat asymmetrical, as it sweeps from flush with the wall on the left to a larger surface on the right, where Lennox has displayed several globes. On the middle shelf are some of Lennox's personal libations: Aldeberan whiskey and two different types of Bajoran springwine. He also has a quartet of "rock" or "shortball" glasses, their sides carved with a spiral design and the bottoms decorated with Starfleet insignia, one each for Science, Engineering, Tactical, and Intelligence divisions. A bottle of water, a toolbox, a PADD, and an oddly decorated ice bucket are the other items.

Spoiler: The DeskShow

The closet in the other corner is where Lennox keeps a spare uniform jacket or two, his flight suit, and tools for maintaining his clothing as well as adjusting EV suit mechanisms. The desk holds a terminal and room for several PADDs and his water bottle. Behind the chair is a painting of the U.S.S. Kamina, the Akira-class escort Lennox temporarily commanded before his posting aboard the U.S.S. Caernarfon.
Office of Jack e-Buchanan tr'Veras, Professor and Academic Services Coordinator

General Office Layout

Though relatively spacious, Professor Buchanan's office inside the station's Academy Annex seems much cozier than one would expect, no doubt due to its highly populated walls. Densely packed, bookshelves filled to the brim, mementos from days past, and artefacts from a dozen worlds cover the walls. The far side of the office holds the only sizeable gap; a large reinforced window into space. His desk sits in front of it. The room stands in stark contrast to his old office aboard the Robau; his Ready Room was spartan, save for a few personal touches- tightly controlled. His office aboard Deep Space Thirteen is, in contrast, vibrant and full of life.


Like his walls, Jack's desk is densely populated.

  • A half-dozen unfinished, replicated books, most of which are bookmarked somewhere around the halfway point. As Captain, Jack rigidly scheduled his day; though his new job keeps him busy, for the first time in fifteen years, no lives ride on Jack's choices; for the first time in fifteen years, there's no voice in the back of his head screaming at him to get back to work when the urge to relax and crack open a book strikes. Topics vary from old earth pulp science fiction serials to contemporary ethical treatises.

  • That isn't to say Jack is slacking off, however. A number of PADDs are spread out across the surface of his desk, mostly carrying information like students' homework or applicant paperwork. On the other hand, at least one is currently in use as a bookmark, and another, sitting face down in front of his personal console, is paused in the middle of a game of Angry Warbirds.

  • A simple-looking wooden coffee mug sits to the right of his terminal. A magnetized ring of black metal covers the bottom, allowing it to attach to most surfaces: the mug is designed for members of starship bridge crews that spend extended periods in combat scenarios. The handle is worn, and the magnetic seal has been replaced at least twice. An engraving on the mug's underside suggests that the item is a gift from his eldest.

  • A set of variable-weight dumbbells lays off to the side. Instead of physically adding larger or heavier weights to the handles, the existing weights use anti-gravity technology to increase their mass according to user settings. The display indicates that some might find the current user's weight settings intimidating.

  • Jack's chair is made of a comfortable faux leather- this specific model is designed to resemble the Captain's Chair aboard Constitution-Class Starships, but with better lumbar support.

  • A holoframe set to cycle through a series of images. The most frequently visible images depict Aurelia, either of Jack's daughters, or the lot of them at once. Despite the presence of an image priority setting, a glance at the device's file structure indicates that Jack has instead ensured the repetition of favoured images through the use of duplicate image files.

  • A half-eaten muffin, likely baked with assistance from the Professor's youngest.

Wall Decorations

Jack's walls are packed with assorted points of interest.

  • A Romulan Honour Blade is situated just above the office's doorway. It is covered in detailed engraving; much of it is simple ornamentation, but some of it indicates that it belongs to Clan s'Veras. A strip of blue fabric is wrapped around the grip; a specific shade of blue associated with one of the station's dominant clans.

  • An arrowhead is framed nearby; the craft indicates that it was made by the Hordecai people of Serao VII. A rust-coloured stain on the tip indicates that it was, at some point, fired into (and presumably removed from) a human being.

  • Several small golden ships in sequence. The first is Olympic-Class; the vessels' specific configuration indicates that it is a rapid-response emergency medical vessel. It is the U.S.S. Ahen-dreni, the only vessel in the chain that Buchanan didn't serve on. Records indicate that it was one of several relief vessels destroyed by the War Criminal Nero in the wake of the Hobus Supernova. After that, an Aventine-Class Cruiser- the Concord, followed by the Maelstrom-Class Okinawa (his first command), the Phantom-Class Dresden (destroyed during the final battle of the Iconian War), and finally the Hestia-Class U.S.S. Robau.

  • A number of drawings made with crayon and/or markers, all signed by one Verelan Faridah t'Veras. Some depict Jack or Aurelia- others are renditions of places the young girl has visited. Jack seems convinced that they're the most beautiful works of art he's ever laid eyes on.

  • A framed 'pin-up' poster depicting Jack flexing in a tattered, revealing top. Through his efforts, this is one of the last of several hundred physical prints made and sold by one Captain Tessa Nakimura, Jack's former first officer. This particular print is made of reactive smartpaper; it displays an alternate image when in the presence of anybody not listed within its programming, a group primarily made up of the Professor and his wife. Nakimura has signed the corner, and written 'thought Aurelia would appreciate this'. The alternate image displayed to most of the station's population depicts a nature scene from the woodlands of Adara IV.

  • Several packed shelves containing an impressive diversity of replicated literature from a number of cultures. One of shelves holds a pair of empty but corked Kali-Fal bottles in use as bookends, and another holds a small Captain Proton statuette.
Beylara has not been on the Ockham for long, but her habits have not changed from her office as XO on the Dryzaak or the Vigilant until now as CO of the Ockham. Her tastes are sparse, austere even. There's a coffee pot on one shelf of her ready room, as well as a tea set. A framed photograph sits on her desk, of a pair of middle-aged Betazoids--her parents.

Otherwise, her ready room is curiously empty. There are enough chairs and such for people, but as far as personal touches, it looks very much like the room isn't often used.
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Commander Thiessen's Office

Tau's office on the tactical level of DS13 is by no means posh, but it's large enough and has been furnished to feel like a home.


The desk itself is the same generic, steel-grey desk found my default in any Starfleet office. It's very, very busy though. The many items found on it include:

  • A thermos that's pretty much always filled with coffee, with the below image on it.
    Spoiler: Show

  • On the left there's a holoframe that flashes through numerous photos. It seems to be randomized.
    Spoiler: Photo descriptionsShow

    Photo 1: A far younger Tau and Sara Desimone with their arms around each other, smiling at the camera sweetly.

    Photo 2: Depicts a teenaged Tau stretched out on a beach next to a young, blonde man, both giving a thumbs up to the camera. They have their arms over one another's shoulders and have ridiculously bright neon sunglasses on.

    Photo 3: Two young girls with dusky skin and wavy, dark hair, in lacy pink and yellow dresses. They have Easter baskets in their hands and are waving excitedly at the camera.

    Photo 4: Two parents and two children are in this photo, taken inside a starship; the man is pale, blonde and blue eyed, and leaning down considerably to fit in the photo with the others - he is wearing the uniform of a NCO in engineering. The adult woman, with dark skin and hair buzzed close to her head, has her arms around the children and wears a Starfleet Sciences uniform with Lieutenant pips. The boy is a pre-teen Tau, with an awkward smile with his mother's arm around him. The girl must be his sister, her skin slightly darker than her brother's and her hair up in frizzy pigtails. She seems several years younger and a lot more ecstatic about the picture.

    Photo 4: Seems to be a re-creation of the above picture, many years later. The father and mother are many years older, the father's still-blonde but balding hair pulled back into a ponytail, the mother's shaved-close hair lightly spattered with grey. Tau, now in a Starfleet Engineering uniform and with the rank of Lieutenant Commander, is still free of the wrinkles and slightly graying hair he now shows as a Commander. His sister, with loose and crimped hair that's a bit wild in every way fashionable, is grinning widely and appears to be very pregnant.

    Photo 5: This recent photo has Tau posing with a group of maybe about fifty Varanaka. They seem to be at a party, dancing, and Lieutenant Zecou is on his shoulders.

    Photo 6: Tau having beer with another man, with brown hair worn back in a very short ponytail - both wear the rank of Commander, and seem happily drunk.

    Photo 7: A picture of a distinguished Romulan woman with lines around her eyes and mouth, and brown hair - though not many here would recognize the now-Wing-Commander N'hiara. She's holding a game piece for the game Risk!, and appears to be concentrating intently on the board. The scenery behind her shows they're on Risa.

    Photo 8: Again, a picture of a younger Sara. In this picture she's in a Starfleet uniform with Lieutenant rank and is clutching a beleaguered orange-striped, long-furred tabby in a hug.

    Photo 9: In this photo, the gorgeous Orion Sadia Cynis is wearing a barely-there Orion bikini, stretched out in the sand of a Risian beach with a very fruity, large drink she's raising toward the camera.

    Photo 10: A crew photo, labeled as the crew of the U.S.S. Janus, taken when Tau is listed as X.O. of the vessel. It's a wide-shot, the crew seems about 550-strong.

    Photo 11: This picture has Tau with his arms around Sadia from behind, kissing the Orion's cheek. It's a selfie she seems to have taken.

  • A series of lion action figures litter one corner of the desk. They're usually in some formation, often lined up. They look chintzy but they're there for SOME purpose.

  • Seasonal decorations: Usually, his desk will have a few Santa figurines in the winter, rabbits in the spring, or tikis in the summer. They're usually vibrant figurines.

The rest of the room...

While the walls of the Starfleet room are pale grey as most others, Tau has hung fabrics of golds, blacks and reds to cover portions of the depressing color. The room has plenty of lights to bring out the warm colors in the hangings.

A long painting of a savanna is behind his desk, framed in a very understated wooden frame. In it you can see, on close inspection, the silhouettes of several lionesses hidden in the tall grass at the back. Otherwise, the painting is without wildlife, the colors of the sky indicating a brilliant sunset.

Despite the man's many decorations, his medals aren't here.

A pristine re-creation of the dedication plaque of the U.S.S. Janus is bolted to the wall - by it's shiny nature it's clear it is new, as the Janus was lost in battle.

On the wall behind his desk are adhered several children's drawings of starships. Though it's not clear what class, smiling out of the window of one of them appears to be a stick-Tau.
SubCommander Davin's Ready Room, R.R.W. D'Ishae

General Layout

Standardized in its layout, the space seems very much lived-in, at some points in a very literal sense. The standard accoutrements bear the wear of frequent use, occasional abuse, and the general frontier utilitarianism of D’Ishae’s colonial captain. Particularly the sofa at the rear of the room, it's cushions well worn, with a crumpled blanket tossed haphazardly to one end, nearly burying a slightly lumpy throw pillow.


Davin’s workdesk appears to pull double duty as a workbench, judging from the constantly shifting technplogical clutter.

  • A phase-soldering torch is a constant fixture near Davin's main console, along with a pair of tinted goggles to bear the light of the implement while in use. Around it, isolinear circuit boards pile in haphazard heaps, occasionally wired through fiberoptic cables to his newest technological curiosity, be it salvage or a purchase from a passing trader.

  • A semi-organized grouping of datarods held in, or at least left lying near, a small, rotating organizer meant to hold the things. Any cursory inspection would reveal them to be entertainment programs, among them; Angry Warbirds, Settlers of Rihan, The Ancient Tomes: Star Edge - Remastered Edition, VOID, and a battered copy of the classic BattleTech 4: Mercenaries.

  • When not in his jacket pocket, his battered flask can be found on his desk. Cast in emerald green metal and emblazoned with the iconography of the old Star Empire, the keepsake is never far from its keeper.

  • Set off to the far corner of his curved workdesk sits a single holoimage. It depicts a city seen from above, apparently from a plateau judging from the bit of grass and rock occupying the bottom of the frame. The city itself is largely Romulan in design, set inside a verdant canyon amongst time-worn plateaus of ashy granite.

Wall Decorations

The ready rooms walls are mostly bare, with a few notable exceptions.

  • A small display case holds a number of swords. Two look largely untouched, designed with almost ceremonial flair, though the blades seem no less battle ready for it. The sword on the top mount in the case is a traditional Romulan House Sword made from metals mined from Mol-Rihan. The blade in the middle is a traditional Vulcan Lirpa. The bottom sword is a standard Romulan officers blade, though the edge is dulled and darkened with use. The pointed tip seemed almost melted, along with the trailing four inches of the blade itself.

  • A banner made of Tholian Silk, with a border depicting scenes from Mol'rihan and Vulcan. In the center is the image of a Romulan commander stabbing a borg queen in the face, with a very small emblem of the Romulan Republic just above. Three patches adorn three corners of the banner. The upper left patch represents what was once considered the name "Varros", the lower left patch is the House patch of "Mandukar". The upper right patch is a Diving T'liss (the bird) transforming into a diving ship with cannons blazing imposed on a twin sunrise. It has no house name attached to it.

Credit to Rellir for the sword/banner descriptions!