What's with the force field isolated woman in the medical lab of the star base. You decide!

I've started this post to see who can come up with the best/most creative explanation for the quarantined person in Argo's medical lab.
Exposed to a lethal does of radiation, she has been placed in stasis until a special medical frigate can arrive to take her back to Starfleet Medical for the specialized treatment needed.
This sounds like its being pointed towards me (Da'nia).
Why would that point to you? (her)
Well, she looks like some sort of alien. She's lovesick, and her species' biology is such that this is actually a life-threatening illness. The Federation doctors are, naturally, completely clueless.
For Mirror Hassiris evil experiments.
It's a conspiracy.

It's a conspiracy.


She's being contained because she's secretly a half sea sponge mutant created during the times when genetic modification was out of control on earth.

She was saved from a stasis tube that was flown into space many years ago but turned on her rescuers and attempted to dissolve them with her hideous mutant acid breath, so they put her in stasis for the crew's safety, and are trying to discover the cause of her frenzy so she can become normal again!.
k...susan wins
I always win.