Which Pokemon type is your character?

Because it came up on the discord chat, and because apparently, Pokemon is now a thing on the Endeavour, here it is… which Pokemon type best fits your character and which Pokemon would be their main (no legendaries please)?

Here’s a personality quiz that you could use if you are so inclined. This’ll help with the types.

Brie - Probably a fighting type as a main, but often combined with fire. Lucario is most likely her main Pokemon.

Miriam - I’m going to go electric for Miriam. She loves cute and cuddly animals, so her main would probably be a Pachirisu because dammit those electric squirrels are adorable.

Amy - More difficult, I’d put Amy down as an electric type, but I think her main would be a departure from the electric types and she’d have a Gardevoir as her main.

Tasha - No question here, she’s definitely an Ice type. Glaceon would be her main.

Sam - Dragon type. Toss up between Salamence and Garchomp. Younger Sam would have gone for the self importance of flying types, but older Sam enjoys the ground abilites of Garchomp. Of course, he wouldn’t play a childish game such as Pokemon, would he?


Kalris - a woman who is an intimate friend of death. a woman dressed in purple. A woman who operates best in the dark, damp, and scary corners of the Galaxy.

There is really only one choice for her. Ghost type. With her champion being spiritbomb, a Pokemon born of the horrific amalgamation of over a hundred Damed souls.

Lorso’toran - a warrior like him could only possibly be one type. Fighting.

a fighter pilot who is an expert at combat on both the ground and in the air like himself, and with a flair for the dramatic and taking things to the extreme could only possibly pick one Pokemon. Hawlucha

Gilora- a cardassian whose greatest joy is curling up on a hot rock? Oh ya, ground type.

Krokorok is her pokemon of choice. Lizards stick together.

Aurelian - fighting his never-ending war against the maunctioning shit show that is the delevas requires a will of Steel. Coincidentally this is exactly the type he would be using.

The former power plant worker would keep his megnazone on hand, to deal with problems.

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Though it might not seem like it, Alina is likely fire type. She has a lot of passion for a large number of things… she’s just really shy and anxious about showing it. This is why Cyndaquil might fit her pretty well.
That said I doubt she’d even know what Pokemon is…

Rumiho is interesting lol. I bounced off of that quiz a bit thinking as her and considered it a bit and… despite my preconceived notions a fighting type made sense. Amusingly other examples of pilots and such in this thread landed similarly so there must be something to that. The quiz actually specifically gave me Riolu for Rumiho. I find this amusing as it is the baby form of Lucario which Sam put for Brie. Brie and Rumiho get along very well though and I can kind of see Rumiho having a younger form as she herself is quite young.

Tsurugi was tough… cause he’s rather stoic but people know he’s big on the hero and legend thing. I kinda feel like he’d have an Eevee or maybe a team of the eeveelutions, cause it’s good to have options. He’s probably go more toward Flareon though cause I feel he has a firey passion in some sense.