Xbox Kinect

Just wondering if anyone here has a 360 with Kinect and if it's worth it. I might be getting a 360 come Christmas and I'm leaning towards the 250gb console minus Kinect which, imo seems like a gimick. The price difference between a console is significant so I'm looking to get some opinions.
I do have Xbox, but I don't have kinect, and as far as I'm concerned the idea has merit, but all the games that are designed for kinect I.E Star Wars Kinect are very...lame? I guess is a good word, I hear the game play is very bad too, I have a friend who lives near by that has one, give me a couple days and i'll try ask him at somepoint, see what he says, but from what I know, I would just go with your bog-standard console.
Have an Xbox but Don't own a kinect myself, but I know a few people that do. Aside from the Rhythm / Dance games, which i'll admit are pretty cool on the Kinect. Most of the other games are very gimicky with their use of it. If you're not really into Dance / Rhythm games i wouldn't recommend spending the extra on getting one. Plus considering its nearing the end of the current console generation and likely by this time next year there will be the next Xbox.