Zimbio Star Trek Personality Quizzes

Youuu know you want to.

Original Series: http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/1QqLzvl5aMU/Original+Star+Trek+Character
Next Generation: http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/jw7sxwZHx3p/Star+Trek+Next+Generation+Character

(question 13 on the TOS is really priceless, btw.)
HA! Apparently I'm Kirk and Riker. :p
Kirk and Q.

No complaints about the second. >: D
So, first I got Uhura, and I'm like "Well that's okay, I guess."

Then I got, um, I'm going to go with "I got Wil Wheaton."
Got Scotty and Geordi. Maximum Engineer.
Did it IC and got Sulu and Dr. Crusher.

Did it OOC and got Spock and Wesly Crusher
.. OOCly I'm ... Spock? How does that even...

Nethali is Khan.

Skyler is Scotty.

...Khan-Nethali is the only one I feel really fits...
Apparently, Ellia is Kirk and Riker. I think I might need to take the tests again to be sure.
... I got Kirk and Wesely Crusher, Dawsons McCarthy is a charismatic, heroic, annoying, little brat.
I got Scotty and Geordi, so hooray for consistency.

Davin, on the other hand, got Chekov and... Crusher, of all people. o.o
I got Uhura and Guinan. I sense a pattern....
How do you guys keep getting doubles!
There's a TNG quiz link too, funny Skyler. :x
Gideon ICLY got Checkov and Bev Crusher.... hrmmm...
Oh. Right. I'll have to check that.
Wesley (yup... I'm a geek through and through) and Bones (which I guess works since I'm an EMT in real life.)
Apparently I'm Geordi....

Skyler is Crusher. (ee)

Nethali is .. .. Q!?
Got Kirk. But wasn't trying for it, figured I'd get Sulu.