05-OCT-13: 26th Fleet Memorial and Military Ball

26th Fleet has recently regained permanent contact with Starfleet and the Milky Way. In acknowledgement of our close association with 26th, members of Task Force Argo have been invited to attend a Memorial Service to honor the fallen, followed by a Military Ball to celebrate Praetorian's safe return.

As this is a formal inter-fleet event, TFA fleet uniform is required. See this thread for instructions on setting up your fleet uniform if you have not done so already.

Friendly reminder that this is 26th Fleet's event, therefore please respect their rules. What they say, goes!


When: Sat, OCT 5 @ 4pm EST (at the same time as our GAMMA Shift)

Where: 26th Fleet's Embassy holdings. Please make sure to join 26th's public IC channel (SB381), which will probably be the easiest way to facilitate a map invite.

What: Memorial service, followed by socialization RP and occasional speeches.

Primary OOC TFA Contact: @evenrue


Formal invitation from 26th can be found here: http://taskforceargo.enjin.com/forum/m/6618775/viewthread/8969182-26th-fleet-memorial-military-ball/post/last#last