10 Jan: Argo Winter Social

Argo's winter social. This event will be done in the style of last year's winter social / this year's Risa-summer social, in that there are formal mini-events on top of the regular socializing stuff.

We will not be using all the same events from last year (sorry, snowball fight turns out to be reaaaally hard to score).


When: 10 Jan @ gamma.

Where: DS13's holodeck-B ((OOCly in Q's Winter Wonderland)), then DS13's embassy deck.

What: Casual/Social RP with some formal organized mini-events

OOC point of contact: @evenrue


RELEVANT TO HOLIDAY EXCHANGE: Due to the winter social being held in January, the deadline for delivering your gifts has been extended out to the date of this event. (Youuu're welcome.)

1) Winter-appropriate off-duty outfit is REQUIRED. Don't make us send you back to the tailor.

2) Story circle is optional this year. If you have a winter-themed holiday/New Year story you think you might want to prep and tell, feel free, there'll be leisure time outside of the deck for this.

SCHEDULE (times in Eastern)

4:00p Assemble and free skating RP, as well as touring the wonderland. Time allotted here for collecting screenshots for winter holiday screenshot contest.
5:00p Instructions and preparation for ice racing at 5:15p
5:15p Queue and run ice race.
5:30p Transfer to Embassy recreational room for leisure / optional story circle


(all information is subject to change, especially scheduling, as we consider an additional mini-event.)

This event is ICly taking place in Holodeck-B, so your characters should have no excuse for not attending! I would personally highly encourage storyline timewarping in order to get your character to participate, but ultimately it's totally up to you who you bring.

4:00 Assemble and free skate RP
Check with admins to make sure you're in the right instance for our fleet gathering, in case Cryptic's auto-grouping is failing.
We will also be checking to make sure all attendees are wearing cold-appropriate off-duty gear.

Winter-themed Screenshot Contest: It is during this time period where you'll have the opportunity to coordinate with others in staging the best screenshot you can think of, anywhere in the Winter Wonderland instance. Try to keep it as IC as possible when you're running about, but the point is that every player may submit anywhere from one to three images to go into a poll for member voting.

The screenshot contest's first place winner will receive 1 free Winter Jacket of choice. Katriel is likewise reserving the option of additionally rewarding ALL Argo members within the winning screenshot with something appropriate, if the screenshot material is unusually creative/imaginative/worth it.

5:15 Ice Racing
All participating characters will queue and run the actual "The Fast and the Flurrious" race.
First place winner will receive 1 free Winter Jacket of choice.

You may want to try running this OOCly before the event, for some practice first.
You may use Frozen Boots during the race, if you feel so inclined.

5:30 Leisure Time
Time to get out of the cold and settle in with hot drinks in the recreational hall of the Embassy deck. Casual/social RP ensues. This might be a great time to talk about what gifts your character got during the exchange, or if you feel like prepping an entire story, that's cool, too.

Contest screenshots should be posted by this point and admin will throw up a poll so people may vote on the winner. Depending on attendance, poll will be closed shortly after it's initiated or we may wait a few days so non-attendees can vote.
This is going to happen this afternoon. Social hour starts in about 15 minutes!

PM @ompgaming1 for details.
Kermit sneaking up on the freezing Romulan:

Looks super fun. Sorry to have missed it! *fistshake at moving*
Oh, I have one like one of Dae's, too. Seemed nice enough to keep/post.

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