11/10/12: Meeting Recap

  • Captain Tsang Xun (@Xennith) has been promoted to Master Captain.

  • The SC:SB Interfleet channel has been relocated to TFA:SFK to represent the changes in fleet names as well as favor a shorter channel name. Please check your channel tab for your invite. Contact Razor if you would like to be a channel operator. If you've been missed for an invite, whine incessantly.

  • TFA will be withdrawing from IFAF. This in no way prohibits members from partaking in IFAF events or hanging out with IFAF members.

  • Event hosting is open to any fleet member! We'd like to have one member-run event a month and rotate out who is hosting to prevent burn out of any one member. If you're interested in hosting, or have an idea for someone else to host, let an officer know and we'll get on it!

  • Captains Xun and Blackwood volunteered to escort Captain Quaen's research team on its first planetary reclamation prototype against borg nanites.

  • General thanks to everyone for their Starbase contributions! We're really hustling along!

  • Riles launches an attack against Outpost Argo, using Gorn and SFK ships!