11 March - DS13 Staff Meeting

The truant one!


When: Sunday, March 11th, Beta Shift

Where: DS13 Conference Room

What: A meeting of DS13's department heads and staff to discuss concerns, needs and current events and assignments.

OOC point of contact: @xanthestar, @lusipurr#2374

Link to February's Agenda
I'll have an IC message for the agenda up tomorrow. :)
Annnnnd here's that agenda. PM me your business, bureaucracy, and bluster!
Reminder, this is today!
Hey all—I’m really behind on grading and, because Tau’s gonnabe there anyway, I think I’d better pass this one up. Sorry! Spring break is coming up and I need to get papers handed back on time!
For other reasons that aren't as cool as Caspius' I won't be there either. Hopefully AJ will be there for you! :)

;) Just kidding. Thanks for letting us know guys! It's been a busy few months, so no worries. You guys take care of RL, and I'll post a log of everything we do get up to, like usual!
Thanks! Caspius will be off conducting more diplomats through the Garden of Rotating Delights. :)
While I was aware of DST changes.. being the consummate Arizonan I am I did not consider how that altered my day and forgot to be on earlier for this... Oops. I didn't even remember agenda stuff so maybe for the best. I've been playing up the tad overwhelmed science chief bit anyway.
Yeah sorry, I missed this everyone, I've been snowed under with essays >_>
That's cool! No worries.

The chat log is up for anyone who needs it under the chat logs section. Tau makes the recording available to all chiefs to catch up if they want.
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