12 Dec: Genesis

Three weeks ago, Starfleet monitored the near-total destruction of the uninhabited planet, Tourier III. A complete study of that system by a Corps of Engineers team confirmed the suspicions of the first to arrive on the scene: the devastation of the planet's surface was caused by the spontaneous formation of an unstable protomatter-based terraforming matrix, caused by the detonation of a Genesis Device.

In short, Project Genesis was designed to rapidly terraform the surface of an otherwise uninhabitable planet, so as to make it ready for colonization. The device's specifications require the use of protomatter, which has invariably resulted in critical instability, and the eventual destruction or devastation of the planet targeted. Unable to overcome this obstacle, the project was deemed a failure, the technology was banned by all civilized scientific communities, and the specifics were classified by Starfleet for fear that someone might use such a device as a weapon against a populated world.

Since the Tourier incident, the Starfleet and Republic Intelligence communities have been investigating the actions of forces loyal to D'Kera Mandukar. Reports indicate that in the time since the first device detonation, Mandukar's forces may have gathered enough protomatter to supply at least two more torpedoes, and the facilities available to her on Artaleirh are more than sufficient for their construction.

These weapons, in the hands of such a person as D'Kera Mandukar, constitute a grave threat to any populated worlds that may be potential targets, and the Federation is not prepared to simply sit back and wait for billions to be killed. To that end, while the Federation Diplomatic Corps is preparing a petition to the government of Artaleirh for Mandukar's extradition, Starfleet is preparing an alternative strategy. On Stardate 91947.5, Starfleet Intelligence will hold a briefing on Deep Space 13 to prepare a select group of Starfleet and Republic officers for a covert operation.


When: Saturday, 12 Dec @ alpha (5pm PST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST, 1am GMT)

Where: Bridge and ground map.

What: Doom! TM

OOC points of contact: @arkaik353, @bobisgod171


(( Despite the last line of the IC memo, this event is open to anyone who wants to participate. ))
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