12 Nov: Doza Outpost-1 Ribbon Cutting

Doza Outpost-1 is officially online. Join LCDR Tyenne and others for a tour of the facilities, planning of future areas, and calibration of the communications array which will allow the outpost to make contact with DS13 directly for the first time.


When: 12 Nov @ beta

Where: Doza Outpost-1! aka, the colony holding

What: Ribbon-cutting ceremony and calibration of communication array.

OOC point of contact: @evenrue


Sorry for short notice, but we're kindasorta obeying project queues for these! And nothing was happening on Sunday, anyway. <_< We will be queueing the Communications Tower vanity project ON Sunday, so the tower will literally appear sometime during this event.

Reference material: TO <38th/DO1-commsfeed> | SUBJ Rapid progress!
I'll be there!
Should be able to make this!
Why not BOTH command officers? What could go wrong? ;D I'll be around either way, IC or OOC. \o/
I'll do my best to be there!
Less than two hours to this.
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If Tau can make this, I'd probably best sit it out. I have to finish a simply mountainous amount of work by the end of the day and it's looking pretty unlikely already without taking time out to RP (and not helped writing a few IC messages during my lunch instead of working through it). Sorry, folks.

Caspius should be on station if the CO is away, anyway. :)
You do what's best for you, man! I can be there or not, you had first dibs after all. :p Just lemme know if you change your mind.