12 November: A Senator's Plea

Deep Space Thirteen has been given the honor of hosting a high level conference. Admiral Tokkra of the Joint Squadron Initiative will be escorting Senators Ihuienius tr'Keras and Havaid tr’Mas to the Station where they are meeting with Federation Councilors Risha Lentish of Trill and Avitian Bahdan of Betazed. It is said that Senator Ihuienius tr’Keras will be requesting aid for the Ch’Aehkla Colony which is located in the Rokhelh System.


When: Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 3pm CST (Beta)

Where: A Fleet Starbase Map (Whichever one can hold the most people!)

What: A VIP Reception! Politics! Food! More Politics! Socializing!

OOC point of contact: @Universal_blue


OOC: This is not a purely Romulan-Centric event in spite of the fact that Admiral Tokkra would like to show off the Exchange Detachment attached to the 38th Fleet. Ambassador Characters, Federation Captains, Romulan Warbird Commanders, Starbase Department Heads, and anyone else who can think of an excuse to be there is welcome to attend. This is a good time to dust off those Bartender/Server/Security Alt characters if you don’t have a character you think should be there. The Senatorial and Councilor NPC’s are being portrayed by some hard-working volunteers, so please do come out and interact with them!

Ch'Aehkla Colony

News Post One

News Post Two

Encrypted High Priority Communication

Security Report - Attempted Sabotage of Station

Report on Datarod information

Aftermath News Article

Medical Report

Operations Report

Another News Article! (FNS)
Centurion S'Tokkr is going to be in attendance.
!!! My bad. I'll be in attendance, but as part of Havaid's entourage, not as Jetaal! <.<
Finally, a chance for Jack to fulfill his ultimate destiny as Aurelia's arm-candy.
I'll come if I'm awake!
I might be able to make it! We'll see.. it could be close.

Added a plot link to the OP. This is happening this coming Saturday!
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I will try to be there.
I will attempt to be there as Konie.
This is getting closer! Saturday is almost here!

Thue may be there ... but there are factors!

This is gon' be siiiick
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Added the latest plot link to the OP! This is tomorrow!
I won't be able to make it. I have to work from 5-9. I'm extremely sad about this...
Sadly I will be working : /
I will absolutely be there!
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And at the last minute, Beylara has a reason to be there! And I'm not even working! The universe is coming together!
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I'm still planning on making this but more than likely I'll be a bit late.
I'll still try to get some romulan shoulder rubbing in though.
I may have Nimitz be fashionably late, depending, I am in Salt Lake at the moment, and we'll see.
This is today!