13 Jan: Home Sweet...

In the Doza sector, there is a star system known currently as POI-D-3754. Command has decided that the time has come for it to be explored and surveyed.


When: Saturday, January 13th @ beta.

Where: Initially on a ship, then foundry and ship concurrently.

What: An exploratory event, if I tell you more, that's spoilers.

OOC point of contact: @dryadae

This will involve the crew of the U.S.S. William Ockham, but all are welcome to join it. Other ships are also welcome. There will be something for both groups to do: the away team and those remaining on the ship(s).
I think I can be able to make this
The Romulan Republic will ensure your so called "peaceful exploration" is successful.

We are happy to support the Human Vulcan Axis of Evil Federation in these endeavors.
I'll probably be able to show up for this
I Should be able to attend
I will try and make it! :d
I shall be there for this!
I'd love a crack at this one :)
I'll try to make it, yes!
Reminder! This is today at beta!
I want to throw out a thank you to everyone who made it today. The attendance was much greater than anticipated, much to my delight! And several players went completely off the story rails and kept me very much on my toes! This was the first time I've run anything big in an MMO, so there was a bit of learning involved, and I heartily thank each and every one of you for your patience and great attitudes throughout.

If anyone wants to do follow-up with the Xedi, or the planets/system, or anything to do with them, please shoot me an enjin mail or in-game PM. I'm happy to set up more activities. I think, however, in the future, they will be a bit smaller! :)