13 Oct: Machination


Having finally received some solid information about Species 2492, officers from a number of different backgrounds have been called to a planning session to be briefed on new information and advise the admiralty on Starfleet's next move.


When: Saturday, 13 October @ beta

Audience:  OPEN 

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: DS13 Large Conference Room (Research Lab)

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171


This should be a straightforward sit-and-talk event, capped to one hour, 45 minutes. The outcome of this event will directly impact the course this plot takes. Come get your ideas in!
Well...Gonna miss this one lol
I should be available for......whatever? :d
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If this is a mission I may no be able to take part due to Gemini Wargames 2 hours after start.

If it becomes an impromptu everyone who's online is involved then of course I'll be around
OP's been updated above. For those of you in Gemini, we'll be wrapping up with enough time for you to attend both events.

Starting in 1 hour!
I want to make this, but I stupidly left my window open when the lights were on and now my room has a bug infestation. I am going to take a walk and hope that my room is debugged when I get back >_> I'll try to make it if I can!
Probably won't be home in time to make this, but if anyone suggests a preemptive strike I swear I'm defecting to the enemy.
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