13 Oct: Voyage home, part 4

KDF and allies escort the widrab recovery vessel to the abandoned widrab colony...but is this the end of the problems, or just the beginning?


When: Sunday, Oct 13, Alpha-1

Audience: Klingon and allies

Event type: Bridge RP

Starting point: Starship bridge

OOC point of contact: @gulremal
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Spoiler: Mission logShow
[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <FX> Some days later after the stand-off with Norab the Red, squadron has entered the Nel'tok system. The travel itself was uneventful, aside from couple of merchant vessels and one cardassian supply-

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - convoy, no other ships were encountered. The Nel'tok system sports a brown dwarf star, 3 planets (Nel'tok II being the abandoned colony, and only one classed as M type), and a gas giant.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <FX> Former Widrab space is wedged between Cardassian Union, Tzenkethi Coalition and Breen space.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <FX> Ships drop out of warp at the system outskirts...

Egzo@HF_Mudd looks the system plot over for any surprises, nasty or otherwise.

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: up to you, folks :)

B'Atar@anncarise | San'leth scans for any signs of Breen or Tzenkethi ships.

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: Same, pretty much. Sensor rolls?

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: sure

[Emotes] B'Atar@anncarise: rolls 18 (1-100)

[Emotes] Egzo@HF_Mudd: rolls 87 (1-100)

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg looks to his science officer.."Give usss a good read of the sssysstem."

[Team] B'Atar@anncarise: Nooo my science people has failed me

[Emotes] Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: rolls 14 (1-100)

[Team] B'Atar@anncarise: But Egzo did well at least!

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: If there's a roll to do bad at, this is it.

[Team] Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: Syence..wat that?

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "Looks clear to me. No Breen or Tzenkethi around, at least."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Kem: No targets, boss. There is some kind of comm-sat in the orbit of the second planet. Looks...widrabian?

[Local] Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: Ssseemsss to be clear here asss well.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Kem: Also, some warp trails, but barely detectable...cardassian, I'd wager.

Egzo@HF_Mudd hmms and nods. "Good enough. Full impulse; take us in."

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg ..."Helm, take usss in for a ssstandard orbit."

B'Atar@anncarise | San'leth follows in as well.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <FX> Some minutes later, squadron arrives at Nel'tok II without any issues. Planet itself is fairly small, and has a single continent with bunch of smaller island chains. Even without scans, you-

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - can easily notice large abandoned arcologies and cities dotting the main continent, and one half-sunk arcology on one of the biggest island chains.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> ...uh. I don't know what to comment. But scans show atmosphere is intact, so that's one worry less.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Well, let's pick some likely spots for lootin'. I mean, recovery."

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg looks to his sci office.."Activated? Give me a detailed ssscan to determine what it might be doing."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Derem: We do have a list of targets, so to speak, but we'll need an in depth scans to- *stops at Ku'jho's comment*

[Local] Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: <C> The sssatellite in orbit is ssscanning usss.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Huh, still active? Scan it back."

[Local] Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: Already in processs

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "How long has this place been abandoned again?"

[Local] Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: <C> widrabian in origin, basic long and short range sensors, strong comm range, basic shields, no weapons

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg looks to his sci officer.."Isss it sssending a sssignal sssomewhere?"

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> For more than 15 years. Breen raiders were very thorough, all surface facilities were stripped clean and used for target practice.

B'Atar@anncarise checks to see if the satellite has any Breen modifications.

[Local] Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: <C> it'ssss ssending a sssignal and we're being hailed.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Shlaak: Yesss, receiving the comm sssignal.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "On screen."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <FX> Screen shows static for couple of seconds, which turns into rotating "Please wait" symbol (translated from widrabian). Ten seconds or so later, you are greeted by a face of older cardassian male-

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - wearing white uniform with unfamiliar insignia. Egzo and B'atar, who visited Mal'laan on couple of occasions, can recognize widrabian architecture/design of the surroundings behind the cardassian.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <C> Captain Jered Voril of Kal'tok Defense Force speaking. Please identify yourselves.

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "Never heard of this group before..."

B'Atar@anncarise looks to the others to see if they have any idea.

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg nods negatively back to B'Atar.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Uh. Captain Egzo, KDF. We're... friends of the survivin' Widrab, got one on board."

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Y'wanna talk to him?"

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> Kal'tok is the remaining independent widrab colony. I was told they did hire some cardassian mercenaries to provide military support after house of Kriton left.

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "Maybe they got here first and claimed it..."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Jered> Yes, governor has informed me that there's some kind of "recovery" operation in the works by other widrab colonies. I did not expect KDF presence though. No matter.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Jered> Kal'tok Defense Force has kept tabs on the abandoned colonies for some time. We left communication and surveillance satellites to warn us of incoming threats.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Well, we ain't no threat. This time."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Jered> *shrugs* I'm calling you to relay the warning. A tenday ago, we chased of a lone Tzenkethi scout. They were probing this planet heavily, and they had some teams on the ground. The moment we

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - moved in to investigate, they evacuated the ground teams and fled back to their space. This was not the first time they were prowling around within old widrab territory. They even hit one of the -

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - abandoned colonies with protomatter weaponry before we could respond. There are rumors of some kind of schism within their ranks. Thread carefully, I doubt they will be open to discussion.

Egzo@HF_Mudd hrms and nods. "Good t'know." The 'thanks' goes unspoken, since you might need a barbed hook or a transporter to get it out of him.

Egzo@HF_Mudd looks to Derem again, in case the actual Widrabian has anything to add.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> We barely ever had contact with the Coalition. We kept out of their space and they left us alone in turn. Once Breen started raiding in force, some of the colonies asked for their protection.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> They are in Tzenkethi space now, so we never really know what happened to them.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Jered> Nothing good, most likely. But, my job is done here. I can entertain a question or two, but make it quick.

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: I got nothin', the others can ask.

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg nods negatively.

B'Atar@anncarise nods,

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "Unless you know anything about this schism of theirs?"

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Jered> *waves his hand dismissively* Only the rumors - intercepted comms, merchant talk, and so on. Autarch's position has weakened, and corruption of the ruling class is coming to light -

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - which opens up possibilities of a coup. There are also high-ranking officers clamoring for a vindictive strikes at the Alliance with protomatter weaponry.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Jered> A ferengi merchant even claimed they are trying to get hands on cloaking technology.

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "At the Alliance? Last I checked abandoned Widrab colonies don't fit into that..."

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "Weapons testing, maybe?"

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Jered> Tzenkethi resources ain't infinite. This crusade of their cost them immensely - I'd wager they are starting to feel economic pressure. Not unlike what happened in Cardassia's past.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> You want to say they are...scavenging?

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Jered> Or prospecting. They know we can't really defend anything save Kal'tok - at least not efficiently. And the fact they immediately fell back shows they were unwilling to risk losing the ship.

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods grudgingly. "Smart."

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: Egzo's not a fan of smart enemies, or fair fights, or...

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Jered> However, your presence will most likely rouse them to action - if they have any intentions for Nel'tok, they will see you as competition, and try to force you to leave.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Jered> I'd be quick about whatever you think you can find down there. *turns to some chatter to his side* I have to go. Watch yourselves. Jered out. *comms shut down*

[Local] Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: <C> Sssci officer indicatesss the sssatellite is back to silent mode.

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods again.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Well, let's see if there's anythin' down there worth takin'."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> We better get going, then. *he pokes something and screen switches to map of the planet*

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> Looking for stuff on surface level is pointless. Breen and other raiders have picket clean the surface - and part of the underground places. But we did have some time to prepare, and I believe

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - colony administrators did hide the most critical locations *three locations blink on the map*

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Instead of trying to sniff out anything of value on random, we will focus our recovery teams on three underground facilities - main planetary computer core, backup industrial fabricators and ministry

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - of science. These facilities were sealed and hidden by collapsing a bunch of main tunnels. However, we have ways to reach these places by old secondary maintenance tunnels. Any mention of them was -

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - erased just prior to evacuation, and there is a very good chance they were undetected - if there's anything left worth salvaging it's those 3 locations.

B'Atar@anncarise nods, "Makes sense."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Considering the damage, we can expect structural instabilities and traps left by the looters to be of primary security concerns, with local wildlife close second.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> Your forces are welcome to join us, however tunnel systems were designed with widrab size in mind.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "So... bit tight."

Egzo@HF_Mudd glances over at Ku'jho's holo in particular.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> Wild animals could provide interesting distraction while we do our work underground. Our drones should be more than capable to deal with critters below.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <FX> Images of some of the wild animals appear on screen - large reptilian-looking flyers, 8-legged wildcats, some kind of strange gelatinous swamp-blob engulfing smaller critter and dissolving it.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> *shudders* And people wonder why we prefer to live below ground...

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods again. "So we'll stand guard up here, case anyone comes pokin' around, less you need any help."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> Anyhow, we'll start beaming down and setting up camp-

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "Looks like your world'll make for a fun hunting expedition..."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Kem> Incoming ships in high warp, straight from Tzenkethi space!

Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg ..Tactical Alert! Ssshieldsss up, ready weaponsss!

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "Seeing two larger ships and four smaller ones about fifteen minutes away. Looks like hunting trips'll have to wait!"

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> Troublesome! What do you want us to do?

[Local] Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: <C> Sssuggesst you head to planet to ssstart your claim, we can handle it up here.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> I trust your combat skills, just keep in mind this will take us days just to reach those places. I can have some teams on standby to help you with repairs, and we do have some cannons on this-

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - ship. It's also quite sturdy. Don't expect us to turn much, though..

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "S'why we brought these nimble birdies."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> I will stay on the ship with two teams and provide some support fire. Rest will be beaming down within minutes.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> Let us hope they didn't bring any protomatter weapons...

[Local] Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: <C> Enemy count, One Rhas'bej battleship, followed by one Broln'ta cruiser and two Shuk-din frigates on each flank

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "Battleship...this'll be fun!"

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <Derem> Erm...we never fought this people...any advice?

[Local] Warhunter Ku'jho@Domarg: <C> Keep ssshieldsss up in the event of protomatter torpsss.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Kem: ETA five minutes? Any preps, boss?

[Local] B'Atar@anncarise: "We could cloak the Birds of Prey, surprise them after they come in."

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods. "Do it."

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Kem: Done. We're received a one-way message from lead ship.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "Eh, let's hear it."

B'Atar@anncarise FX | San'leth cloaks as well and readies itself to flank the arriving Tzenkethi.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <FX> Screen shows a massive Tzenkethi in combat armor.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <C> This is Captian Aram Tzen-Gravu, commander of C.S.S. Tzen-Karrak. Klingon scum! I see no Butcher's ship, but you will be first to taste my vengeance for my brother!

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: <C> That planet is ours, and I will pepper it with remains of your ships! For the Crusade! *video feed ends*

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Derem: Butcher? Crusade?

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: -- SCENE END --
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