14 Jun: It All Depends on How You Look at It

The Trimble System contains one of the many planets unknowingly playing host to a secret hur'q hive, which devastated the planet's surface upon their awakening. But a new discovery in the ruins of the planet has Federation archaeologists excited beyond measure. Argo has been asked to help investigate.


When: Fri, 14 Jun @ gamma

Audience:  OPEN 

Event Type: Social+Structured

Starting Point: Bridge conference room for enroute briefing

OOC point of contact: @evenrue


Please vote in the poll to determine best event time/date. Final selection will be confirmed by post bump/update, it won't necessarily be automatically the one with most votes.
I should be able to make any of those three days and times myself
9 June has me at a family gathering, but the other two work just fine.
Date/time selected. Thanks for the feedback.
Changes to my schedule have made it possible for me to actually make this one. :)
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This is today, all.
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Running late!
Me too!
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