14 Oct: MACO Team 15 Training

Newly formed MACO Team 15 is beginning its training with team-building simulations in the holodeck.


GM / OOC Contact: @bobisgod171

IC Location: DS13 Holodeck

OOC Requirements: Saturday, 14 Oct @ gamma shift. Meant for MACOs and Team 15 specifically. Must be level 50+.

OOC Notes: This is a semi-closed event. We may be able to bring along one or two extra people at event-time, but because of team size limits, definitely no more than that.
I would like to attend but unfortunately, that is the day I am going away for a week.
You said preferably MACOs but if you do find yourself with room for 1-2 extra people I would love to join, I should be home from work at that point.
>_> I'm not sure I'll be around until a while after this starts now. (should there be room for nonMaco but super handsome Captains.)
Doh. So busy I missed this. q_q