14 October: All Alone in the Night II

"You know those old stories about ships going missing, and then show up the next month, the ship in perfect condition, nothing missing, but the crew is no where to be found? Or the ones of a creature that just will not die? Perhaps you do know, but what if I were to tell you, that those stories are true?"

For the last ten months, Breen Space has been fighting a war ageist an enemy that can't be killed according to the reports, however, lately, the Breens have reported that the enemy attacks have died down in scale, however, where did these enemies go?


When: This is planned to be an at lest four part arc over the month of October, the dates and time of the events will be determent as things progress, so stay tuned for Information on that.
Where: ?
What: Almost all Bridge RP
OOC contact: @Natthaan
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I realize this is very last minute, however, the first event of the All Alone in the Night II will be this Saturday, the 8th.
It will take place on board the USS Axiom, in the middle of a five day patrol, the time will be be announced tomorrow.
What time
an hour before Gamma
Event #2 of All Alone in the Night II

What: Bridge RP
When: Friday the 14th at Beta
OOC contact: @natthaan
hope to be there this time
I'll bring Rose along again :3
I hope to be there as well.
Due to some last minute things, event is going to be postponed to next week.