14 Sep: Bot updates (notifications, threads, GM class upgrades)

Hullo, Argo.

We have some bot upgrades to discuss! I’ll do my best to only keep the broad/essential strokes in this news post. Those interested in the full changelog can visit this post.

  • Changed how notification preferences are specified – !preferences command removed: we now use roles for ALL DATA DM notification preferences. Please see the #roles channel in the server to check out the changes.

  • One of the above notifications includes the option to be notified when new threads are created on the server.

    • I also went back to the perma-thread listing and added links to every thread on each of their names, so hopefully this will make it easier to get to what you want when you have the relevant topic to discuss!
  • New aesthetics for GM posts in transcripts saved from RP Lobby. You can see this thread for a sample. To trigger this, use > :gm: (where :gm: is the custom GM emoji).

  • Fixed bug where attachments/images wouldn’t crosspost/save to forum transcripts correctly. (@maikull :P )

  • I had to upgrade the bot to a new version of an important library, so there is the possibility I missed something and a feature might be broken. I did my best to test as much as possible, but if you find anything, please @ me in Discord to report it.

Thanks for your attention!