15Nov: Double Helix

Double Helix

Strange sightings by merchants have gotten the people in the sector afraid of another mysterious enemy that will try to take everyone. It's time to visit this seemingly empty vessel. Time to investigate and see what's in the inside of this strange derelict. To make sure that the derelict has no effects to the stability of the region, the 38th fleet has been asked to investigate and possibly destroy the derelict. Tension are still high after the war, yet nobody knows what this vessels purpose is.

When: Sunday, Nov 15 @ LAMBDA shift

Where: Start at DS13

What: Having a fun trip to a derelict ship.

OOC point of contact: @ahex
((Bump! This is today!))
Hoping to come if brain cooperates. Might be 5 mins late or so
OooOOoh, Sunday RP event. I should be there!
Sadly, it has been postponed due to personal reasons.