16MAR13 - Constant Disconnects in STO?

Evidently it's an issue with the connection company behind the scenes, called Cogentco. We can only hope it gets resolved soon!

I hope you're not one of the infected~!

Briefly skimmed STO forum thread on the matter.
I'm not sure if it's just me now, but the launcher doesn't even get past the loading screen for me.
Yeah, it does that for me too. Sometimes I get all the way into the game and am fine up to the very moment I decide to try changing maps, sometimes I can`t even get the launcher to load. It`s just... random.
and my load times have been going really smoothly lately. I have had almost no issues at all.
When things go bad for me in the terms of loading times or the lark, I like to come up with ways to annoy Skyler, IC and OOC.
..this explains so much. So, so much.