17 Feb: Seek and Ye Shall Find.. But Not What You Were Looking For

The recently arrived USS Minerva goes hunting for trouble.

Shift Time: Gamma

Audience: USS Minerva Crew. Starfleet and RRF Active Duty Personnel.

SPECIFIED ROLE - USS Minerva Crew + Starfleet and RRF Personnel.

  • Limit of 1 additional ship in addition to USS Minerva. DM here or in discord if you want to bring your crewed ship. First come first serve.
  • All active duty Starfleet/RRF personnel with a believable IC reason can join. See OOC note below for roles likely to have active parts to play. If your character does not fit into one of these roles, be aware you may have fewer opportunities to contribute to RP.

RP Format: Hybrid GM/Freeform (Freeform element dependent on player count)

Setting: USS Minerva

Starting Point: USS Minerva Bridge

First Contact/Space Combat. Space combat portion dependent on player count. Dipl/Medical/Eng/Cmd are prefferred roles. Tac/Pilot/Security will have a dedicated section dependent on player count.