17 Mar: Changing Times (Romulan Meeting)

Senior Admiral Tokkra from the Romulan Republic has arranged a conference to coincide with the merging of the Republic Exchange Commission with the Joint Squadron Initiative. RRF officers from around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are receiving invitations. The conference will include such activities as a Q&A Session with the Admiral, and a meet & greet for officers serving in nearby sectors.


When: Thursday 17 Mar @ 7pm EST (6pm CST, 4pm PST, midnight GMT)

Where: (New Romulus OOCly)

What: Cross-Fleet Romulan Republic Meeting with ZEF

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171, @universal_blue, @Jinxsey (ZEF)


This is a joint event between Argo and ZEF. To help with future RP and stories between our two fleets, we've decided to combine the IC command structures of both fleets. Day-to-day, nothing will change for anyone, but this allows us a better framework for joint missions and other interfleet RP in the future.
Bump! This is tomorrow!
Aw, I can't lurk the scheming. Gonna' be busy.
Midnight for me. Not doable, sadly.
I may or may not be able to do this. If I can, I'll bring Nalah for sure so she can scan talk to everyone!
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Bump! This is Today!
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Riov t'Illiahlae will be there on her best behavior.
Lettra will be coming, though I may be a bit late because I can't begin patching until 6.
Some quick shots I managed to take while y'all were Rping, some really weird stuff was happening with the lighting and made shots of some people impossible >_>

Spoiler: If you'll be my body guardShow

Spoiler: I can be your long, lost paaaaalShow

Spoiler: I can call you BettyShow

Spoiler: And you can caaaaaaall meeeeeeee~ AlShow
That's a really nice picture of Mrian! Thanks much, Coby!
Those are awesome Coby! I was kicking myself this morning when I realized I hadn't asked anyone to take screenshots. I'm so glad you did!