17 May: The Eleventh Hour

With the threat of war looming, a 38th Fleet task force has been assembled to transport a delegation to Rator III, the capital of the Romulan Star Empire, with the hope that diplomacy will yet prevail.

Shift Time: gamma

Audience: @38th.ShipCOs

Attendance: SPECIFIED ROLE - Starfleet Starship Commanding Officers

RP Format: GM

Setting: Space

Starting Point: Either space in-game, or discord, depending on number of participants.

OOC This event is tailored for ship captains who do NOT have player crews. RP will be ship-to-ship. There will be no on-bridge action. Bring your imaginations!


Just to clarify, could captains with player crews attend this event, or is it just for captains without player crews?

Wondering the same. I have no problem if I’m mostly just a voice on comms for it and all (especially since a chunk of my crew will be away from their PC during this), but if you’re trying to kind of divide us into groups or task forces, that’s fine, just need to know!

Tentatively you can attend, though I reserve the right to potentially ask some or all of you to sit out at event-time, depending on how many show up.

Fair enough. Can always lurk, I suppose.

Probably it will be too late for me to join…but I’d have loved a trip to good ol’ Rator