18 Feb: Attacks of Opportunity

The Tzenkethi are sighted in Argo's backyard! Red alert!


When: 18 Feb @ beta & gamma

Where: Betazed and Kelterre sectors

What: Primarily starship action (in an actual queue, so have your starship ready), but GM will be available for free actions afterwards.

OOC point of contact: @evenrue


As these attacks are spontaneous, please do not refer to these events in any IC leading up to the event date.
I should be able to make part one and two
Barring any job related issues, I should make this.
I'll try to be there for both.
I should be able to make part 1
original post updated with slightly more info.
Since I stink at space battles, I will not be attending, but I can't help but congratulate you on the title--my most hated part of D&D rules. :) Enjoy!
I will try to make it with one of my PCs! It's Bayonetta weekend, but we'll see ;)
I'll be cutting this close if I can make it.....Gonna try though
Will try to make it, but, it depends on the Inlaws keeping me longer than expected. Won't know till day of.
I have two opportunities to make this one!