18 July: Signet of the Ruling Queen (Empty Promises, Part 1)

Senator Havaid tr'Mas is conveying a Romulan artifact of profound cultural import to Ch'Aehkla: the signet ring of Vriha t'Rehu, the Ruling Queen of the Two Worlds. But first, he has arranged an exhibition aboard DS13 for the appreciation of Republic officers and aliens alike. This formal event is open to the public, although appropriate attire is required.


When: 18 July, 2020 @ Beta+2

Audience: Open

Event Type: Social/Structured

Starting Point: DS13 Republic Embassy

OOC point of contact: @thesophist


I would especially appreciate volunteers to play security officers at this event. (No particular reason >.>) If you don't have a starbase security officer, there's no time like the present to roll one. You will have several more opportunities to play copper in this event series.
Is this something Nethali can bring Brandy to, provided he's better behaved than his mother?
Yes, it's open to the public. But Havaid might sneer.
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