18 Oct: While you are here, part 4

KDF and allies meet again with captain G’Kan to discuss the aftermath of the attack on the Syndicate slave operation…

Shift Time: Sunday, Oct 18, Alpha-1

Audience: Klingon and allies

Event Type: Social RP

Starting Point: Fleet colony map

OOC point of contact: @gulremal

Mission log

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Team arrives at the main town of the small klingon colony of Makrat II, a designated meeting point with KDF captain G’Kan. On your approach in the orbit, you did not detect his bird of prey, tho.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] As you land in one of Thana Vaneri’s shuttles, you are greeted by local klingon security officer.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Security: looks at the trio Quite the traffic today. Who am I talking to?

Egzo@HF_Mudd gives Lorri the chance to speak first, 'cuz she does that better. Usually.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “Tabadi Lorri. Here at the behest of G’Kan”

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: mutters as he takes out his PADD and types something He’s got a lot of orion friends, captain G’Kan. You part of the previous group, or on your own?

Lorri@crystyll quirks a brow, "Previous visitors?

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Security: Yeah, arrived just like an half hour ago, said they had a meeting with the captain. Led by big orion named Lutz. You know the type, more metal in the head than brains. Had a large group with him, all armed.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: "That does not sound reassuring. Have you spoken with the Captain since then?

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Security: I pinged him on comms, he just laughed and told me to mind my own business. Which I intend to. his PADD pings Seems you folks check out. Anything to declare?

Lorri@crystyll shakes her head.

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Yeah. ‘Let us in’.”

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: In that case, captain G’Kan is on the beach south east from here, just follow the road by the sea. Have a good fig- erm fun.

Egzo@HF_Mudd looks to the ladies. “Might wanna hurry.”

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “Indeed.”

Istar@anncarise nods and begins leading the way as indicated, keeping an eye out on her surroundings as she does.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] A five minute jog down the road and you come around to a small bridge, and you immediately notice an orion and a human, armed with disruptor rifles and wearing merc armor, guarding the other -

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - side of the bridge. At this moment they still didn’t notice you due to prevalence of bushes and low trees in the area.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] One of the guards occasinaly turns their head backwards, and you too can hear barely audible sound of arguing in the distance, behind the rocky area on the other side of the bridge.

Egzo@HF_Mudd mutters to the others, “Sounds like talkin’, not shootin’ or silence. That’s good, maybe.”

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “How do you want to play this?”

Istar@anncarise looks around to see if there’s any way past the guards without being spotted.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Bridge and the water area close to it offer no hiding spots. You’d need to take a small detour around the lake to your left to get to the other side and behind the guards.

[Local] Istar@anncarise: “I might be able to get past and see if I can pick up what they’re saying, but I’ve gotta go the long way round.”

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: there’s no transporter or comm blockers tho

[Local] Istar@anncarise: “Though…Le is informing me transporters work here. So I can pop over and have a listen if you want, Tabadi.”

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “Wouldn’t hurt to some heads up on what’s going on there.”

Lorri@crystyll frowns suddenly, “And if that’s so, why the hell did we faff about with a shuttle again…?”

Egzo@HF_Mudd shrugs. “People in charge like t’ feel they are.”

Lorri@crystyll grumbles

[Local] Istar@anncarise: “I’ll take a look, then.”

Istar@anncarise looks for some cover close enough to hear what’s being said, but far enough so they won’t notice her transporting in.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] There’s some bushes on the rocky area just behind the guards, with possibility to oversee the area on the other side.

Istar@anncarise beams over just behind the bushes.

[Team] Istar@anncarise: Don’t wanna go out of chat range so this will do hehe

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: yeah, technically it’s on that rocky area in the line of those two palms

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: also, gimme a stealth roll

[Emotes] Istar@anncarise: rolls 89 (1-100)

[Team] Istar@anncarise: Woooo

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: ghostie gonna ghost :)

[Team] Istar@anncarise: Hehe yup!

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Like a shadow she is, and her comms and camera transmit the scene below. On a small beachead, there’s a platform with deck chairs and a small bar. G’Kan, along with two KDF soldiers, is facing -

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - off with a large Orion and half a dozen mercs. The orion and some of mercs you’ve seen last time when you met G’Kan. Istar also spies another form on the other side of the rocky outcropping.

Istar@anncarise tries to make out what the other form is.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] As she focuses her camera it shows an nausicaan female (the same one that was with the Orion big guy last time). However, she’s wearing KDF uniform now, and her sniper rifle is trained on the Orion and his mercs.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: Lutz, I’m going to tell you one last time, fuck off and you and your rent-a-warriors will live to see another day. I’m done talking to you, either try to kill me as you are threatening to do, or stop wasting my time.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Lutz: sighs deeply Some people you just can’t reach. waves his hand dismissively as his personal shield lights up Kill them.

[Emotes] Plott DeVice@gulremal: rolls 51 (1-100)

[Local] Istar@anncarise: [C] “Looks like we got a sniper with sights on the mercs. This the same Nausicaan I think she is, Egzo? You can probably tell faces better than me.”

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] As the mercs start aiming their rifles, nausicaan female in the ambush fires her sniper rifle, felling one of the mercs.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] At the same time, multiple things happen. G’Kan and his two soldiers dive behind the cover of the small bar, orion mercs start firing, and the two mercs on the other side of the bridge turn around and go for their comm-links

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – ROUND 1 –

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – Egzo’s action –

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: and remember, talking is a free action :)

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: unless you plan to filibuster, in that case nope.jpg

Egzo@HF_Mudd is unslinging his pulsewave as he bursts from cover, sprinting across the bridge and trying to blast both guards down where they stand.

[Emotes] Egzo@HF_Mudd: rolls 92 (1-100)

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: lol

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] As the guards are trying to confirm the situation, Egzo charges almost halfway across the bridge and fires from his hip. The blast loses good deal of its power and body armor soaks most of the

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - lethal damage, but two guards are knocked down and confused, losing their actions for this round

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – Istar’s action –

[Local] Istar@anncarise: [C] "We going for the mercs too, I’m guessing?

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: [C] Eliminate all threats.

Istar@anncarise nods and transports behind the two mercs going for their comms, aiming to take one down at close range with her knife and use their body as a shield against the other if they fire back

[Emotes] Istar@anncarise: rolls 9 (1-100)

[Team] Istar@anncarise: rolled too well earlier

[Team] Istar@anncarise: Gonna reroll that!

[Emotes] Istar@anncarise: rolls 97 (1-100)

[Team] Istar@anncarise: Glad I rerolled!

[Team] Istar@anncarise: That’s a pretty drastic improvement haha

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] As the guards try to get back up, Istar teleports right between then and cuts them both down before they manage to react.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – Lorri’s action –

Lorri@crystyll follows Egzo across the bridge, ready to provide covering fire

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] As nobody can see across the rocks atm, there’s some shooting sounds ceoming from the other side…

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – ROUND 2 -

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – Egzo’s action -

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods to Istar as he runs past, not breaking stride as he keeps going, angling right.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] As he moves towards the sounds the battle, Egzo sees that the second merc was downed in the shootout. 4 remaining mercs and Lutz have taken cover from the beach side of the railing, while G’Kan

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - and one of his guards are in cover of the small bar area. One of his guards got unlucky shot and is lying on the floor, missing their head.

Egzo@HF_Mudd looks for cover that will let him flank the mercs.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] He can try sneak down to the railing, and then flank the mercs next round as they are busy with G’Kan.

Egzo@HF_Mudd does so.

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: need a roll? not really trying that hard to ‘sneak’, more just get into position/cover fast.

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: gimme a sneak roll just in case.

[Emotes] Egzo@HF_Mudd: rolls 62 (1-100)

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Nobody notices the big nausicaan as he slides down the sand towards the railing…

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – Istar’s action –

Istar@anncarise sets transport coordinates to behind the mercs’ cover and orders a flashbang transported down.

[Emotes] Istar@anncarise: rolls 68 (1-100)

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Flashbang grenade beams behind the mercs and detonates. Though they had their backs to it, the sound burst still shocks them all aside from Lutz.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – Lorri’s action –

[Team] Istar@anncarise: Could’ve beamed a more dangerous grenade but Istar wanted to leave Egzo some enemies heh

Lorri@crystyll keeps closing behind Egzo and tries to finish those stunned by the flashbang.

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 15 (1-100

[Team] Istar@anncarise: since he was already moving to flank them hah

[Team] Lorri@crystyll: …

[Team] Istar@anncarise: Aww

[Team] Egzo@HF_Mudd: reroll do it

[Team] Lorri@crystyll: ofc

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 42 (1-100

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Lorri’s gun shot catches one of the mercs in the arm, and he falls to the ground, wounded

Istar@anncarise also takes cover after sending the flashbang and tries to have eyes on the sniper as Lorri closes in

[Team] Istar@anncarise: (not sure if this needs a roll for next turn or not…

[Team] Istar@anncarise: just basically trying to spot if the sniper is still there

[Team] Istar@anncarise: (and if she is what she’s aiming at)

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] The nausicaan sniper fires at Lutz, but he is now aware of the hidden attacker and dodges the shot with almost inhuman speed.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] G’Kan and his soldier fire at the enemies but no luck.

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: geez crappy rolls here

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Lutz fires twice at the location from where sniper shot came from, but bolts harmlessly bounce burn through cover bushes and hit the rocks behind the nausicaan.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – ROUND 3 –

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – Egzo’s action –

Egzo@HF_Mudd pops up from cover, weapon leveled at Lutz. “Hey,” he announces himself. The pulsewave roars.

[Emotes] Egzo@HF_Mudd: rolls 31 (1-100)

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: last 5 rolls: 15, 20, 2, 20, 11

[Team] Istar@anncarise: at least it’s going up now!

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Egzo’s blast hits the orion’s personal shields, who absorb the blow and flicker out of egzistence

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Lutz curses as he turns towards the newcomer

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – Istar’s action –

Istar@anncarise looks for a good cover location to snipe from aside from the Nausicaan sniper’s location.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] The only position that oversees the entire battle below is the highest rock that Egzo passed while he was sliding down and below which is Lorri taking shots at the mercs. But it has no foliage

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - to use for hiding, offering only partial cover and the advantage of the high ground ™.

Istar@anncarise transports up and calls down a sniper rifle, setting up to take a shot and being ready to beam away right after when her location is exposed.

[Team] Istar@anncarise: Hehe

[Team] Istar@anncarise: Basically just setting up this turn!

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: okies, gimme stealth roll

[Emotes] Istar@anncarise: rolls 43 (1-100

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Istar sets up without drawing anyone’s attention…

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – Lorri’s action -

[Team] Istar@anncarise: I wish there was a darker version of the[TR-116B Rifle - Sniper Rifle Mk XIV [4xShPen] [Dmg]x2]

[Team] Plott DeVice@gulremal: lorri should be around here, taking shots at the merc.

Lorri@crystyll does indeed take a cheap shot at the mercs, aiming to drop the one who just lost shields as a minimum

[Team] Istar@anncarise: I love the model because it feels like a Mass Effect sniper and that’s my favourite sci fi sniper look hehe

[Emotes] Lorri@crystyll: rolls 47 (1-100)

[Team] Istar@anncarise: and the colouring kind of works too, but a darker version would be even better for Istar

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Lutz grabs one of the mercs and uses him as a shield against Lorri’s attack, and then drops their lifeless body.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Nausicaan sniper uses this distraction to land a shot at Lutz. Disruptor bolt hits him in the right shoulder. Armor absorbs most of the damage and vaporises. Lutz grunts angrily.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] G’Kan and his klingon support charge. Klingon warrior jumps over the railing, shrugging off a glancing disruptor shot from one of the mercs as she drives her mek’leth into his head.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] G’Kan himself dives below the disruptor shot of another merc as he throws his d’k’tagh. Merc drops his gun and clutches the dagger in his throat, gurgling as he falls to the ground.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Lutz: Fuck this! taps his wrist comm and he starts dematerializing This is not over yet, you fools!

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] G’Kan rushes trying to tackle Lutz, but he just lands in the sand.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] The last wounded merc raises his hands to surrender, but klingon female just stabs him with her d’k’tagh, cursing in klingon.

Egzo@HF_Mudd shakes his head at the spot where Lutz was (and G’Kan is now sprawled). “No guramba”, he repeats

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: Hah! And he will suffer a cowards death!

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] G’Kan rolls over on the sand and taps his wrist-comm. It chirps and you can hear the voice of the security officer from the landing pad.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [Security]: Yes?

Istar@anncarise dematerializes the sniper rifle and draws a pistol just in case before she transports over to where the Nausicaan sniper is.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: It seems my…guests are leaving early. Please escort them out as discussed.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [Security]: About time.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Nausicaan sniper draws her pistol at the transporter sounds, but realizes it’s not Lutz so she doesn’t fire

Egzo@HF_Mudd moves to G’Kan’s side, letting his pulsewave hang loose and offering his free hand to help the man rise.

Istar@anncarise has her pistol in hand as well, but doesn’t fire either, instead saying, "Pretty sure I saw ya with the mercs last time. You a Klingon spy or something?

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Across the bay, you can see an orion marauder shuttle taking off. Sirens turn on, and couple of seconds later, defense turrets open fire at the offender of the sovereign klingon airspace

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Marauder’s shielding manages to shrug off one salvo, but the next blows it out of the sky, debris falling all over the waters.

Egzo@HF_Mudd squints, looking across the bay at the brief lightshow. “Too bad he prob’ly wasn’t on it.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd shrugs.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Nausicaan: I answer only to the cap’n. Ask him if you want an explanation.

[Local] Istar@anncarise: "Long as you don’t got orders to shoot us too, right?

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: takes the hand and stands up Well, that was the shuttle he arrived on. And my ship is waiting in cloak if someone tries to sneak in.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Nausicaan: If there were such orders, we wouldn’t be talkin’ now, eh?

Istar@anncarise smirks, “Well, thanks for the sniper support then.” She transports over to where Egzo and G’Kan are.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: looks to the klingon female who was fighting at his side See to Kord’s remains.

Lorri@crystyll strolls over and joins the group as well.

[Local] Istar@anncarise: “So, who’s the Nausicaan girl anyways? She says she answers to you. Or at least I presume by Cap’n she means you.”

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: Well, thank you folks for a timely intervention. I though I’ll have to call the local boys for assistance

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: to Istar Lieutenant Levune is under my command, yes. She was acting under my orders to infiltrate Lutz’s gang. That’s how I knew Lutz was coming for me, though she blew her cover by doing so

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: "If ya gotta, that’s the time to do it.

Istar@anncarise nods, “Always good to have eyes on the inside. And she’s pretty good with that rifle, too.”

Egzo@HF_Mudd adds to Levune, “Nice to see ya again.” The look he gives her adds some meaning, and removes some clothing. :)

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: Lutz and his cronies are on the Syndicate’s payroll, and they’ve been bugging a lot of local folks lately. It was only a matter of time before either the Syndicate or the Slug sent someone

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: - to get rid of me for good. I guess your little outing in Kordis system sped things up a bit.

Istar@anncarise smirks at Egzo, “Thought she’d be ya type.”

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] Nausicaan smiles back at Egzo’s comment as she approaches with rifle slung across her back.

Istar@anncarise looks back at G’Kan, “You in trouble with the Empire now, or just the Syndicate?”

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “There much of a diff’rence, these days?”

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: Levune: No stragglers around, captain. Seems that was all Lutz brough with him. pokes a corpse of one of the two dead guards nearby Nice work…

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: It’s an open secret that the local magistrate is working with the Syndicate. As long as they are not stirring the pot and fill his pockets, he lets them away with stuff like slavery.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: Speaking of which, you made quite some noise there. Rumors are starting to spread, and Syndicate is trying to shut them down. You got any juicy info from the prison?

Lorri@crystyll nods, handing over a PADD containing the data they retrieved.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: Great. No time to lose then. Have to prepare this for Lady Sirella for the next Council session.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: takes the PADD I officially owe you for this. If you ever find yourself back in this sector and need something, let me know.

[Local] Lorri@crystyll: “Happy to help. It wasn’t exactly out of our way after all.”

[Local] Egzo@HF_Mudd: “Which don’t mean we won’t take the favor.”

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: Hah! Well, you have my secure commlink. I’d love to stay and hear the story of your latest action, but this data need to be delivered to House Martok ASAP.

Egzo@HF_Mudd nods again.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: I also suggest you don’t tarry around. Magistrate J’Dah’s spies are everywhere, and he’s looking for whoever ruffled the feathers of his well oiled money machine.

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: G’Kan: Until next time! he taps his wrist-comm G’Kan to Norom, three to beam up.

Istar@anncarise nods, “We’ll make sure the info gets to 'em, don’t ya worry.”

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: [FX] G’Kan, Levune and female klingon warrior beam out

[Local] Plott DeVice@gulremal: – SCENE END –

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