19 July: Rescuing Adam

Starfleet Petty Officer Adam Arkwright failed to return to DS13 from shore leave on Risa. An investigation on Risa has shown that he was likely captured by the Orion Syndicate. A covert Starfleet team on Nimbus III has reported that they are ready to receive a rescue team.

When: Friday, July 17th @ Alpha+2.5 (10:30pm EDT; 02:30am/Sat. GMT)
Sunday, July 19th @ Alpha (8:00pm EDT; Midnight GMT) ((Timezone Converter!))

Where: Nimbus III

What: GMed Combat Mission

OOC point of contact: @CeMetzli
Get ready for a hive of scum and villany
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This is incredibly late for me; if I make it, I might get aggro-ed halfway through. But I will try.
This is sadly way to late for me. Sorry. Like 3:30 for us main land European folks.
I'll be there right after work. Baring a disaster I'll be on time.
Sorry, I can't make it that late either.
I will probably not be able to make this one either
Ok, so I'm seeing a whole lot of folks that are saying they won't be able to make it. If we get to tonight and participation is really low, I'll likely reschedule.
Update: Because of some things going on here, I'm gonna move this to Sunday the 19th at 8:00 P.M. E.S.T. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
Uh Saturday the 18 or Sunday the 19th?
I should be able to make this!
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