20 NOV: Trip to Hala

(Aurelia t'Veras is finally taking a trip to Hala, an abandoned Imperial colony world and depot, to search for information that might lead her to help figure out what happened to her parents. This is a purely personal trip, NOT a fleet assignment, so everyone's taking a shuttle, everyone must have proper leave obtained, and only personal weapons are allowed. Anyone who is interested in going to the planet is invited to come, especially Romulans who lost family possessions to the Empire during the schism.)

When: Friday 20 NOV @ sigma

Where: Hala (aka Nimbus 3) -- meet in starbase transporter room

What: Open RP, ground combat

OOC point of contact: @aumerie

- -

(This will be a totally open RP. If you have something to find on Hala, feel free to find it. Wander around and get into trouble with others. Download stuff off of old Romulan terminals. Salvage stuff in the salvage areas. Use Hala to advance your plots! Buy from the Nausicaans. Do whatever you like! Aurelia has something to do -- she'll be looking for information on her parents -- so you can help her find that or do other things, which will be RPed and GMed by YOU.)
I'll come, but probably bring one of my Feddies.
Vatka will be there.
I'll come, probably switching between Lettra and Kraig..
Who needs proper leave when we can go as we please in the KDF ;-)
Unless it goes a decent length and I can show up late I probably will not be able to since I work nights on weekdays. I look forward to hearing about it and getting involved in other parts though.