((2018)) Fall Awards Ceremony - Full Awards List

Fall 2417 Awards List

Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
In recognition of remarkable leadership, meritorious conduct, and acts of personal bravery.
Rear Admiral Dmitri Konieczko
Commander Caspius (POSTHUMOUS)
Lieutenant Commander James Kermit (POSTHUMOUS)

Starfleet Cross
For extraordinary heroism in combat.
Captain Isadora Lyn

Starfleet Silver Star
For gallantry in action against an enemy of the Federation.
Captain Isadora Lyn
Commander Rose Hanson
Commander Dactylus Jekk
Lieutenant Commander James Kermit (POSTHUMOUS)
Lieutenant Commander Keri Verlin

Legion of Honor
For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements.
Captain Tau Thiessen
Commander Rose Hanson
Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Kermit

Starfleet Bronze Star
For meritorious conduct in action against an enemy of the Federation.
Captain Samuel Bishop
Captain Fiona Skye
Commander Natasha Larson
Lieutenant Eshka Beles
Captain Sadia Cynis, KDF

Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry
For an act of particular heroism.
Captain Isadora Lyn
Captain Emery Quint
Commander Artrin Judur (POSTHUMOUS)
Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Holliday (POSTHUMOUS)
Lieutenant (JG) Cyrene Mavil
Colonel Gregory Lestrade, MACO
Lieutenant Colonel Jayne Mason, MACO
Chief Warrant Officer K'Timac, MACO
Sergeant Blarg, MACO

Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry
For extreme bravery in the line of duty.
Captain David Kriss Amburg-Larz
Captain Samuel Bishop
Captain Sara Desimone (x2)
Captain Coby Morton
Captain Emery Quint (x2)
Captain Andrej Timoreev
Captain Jack e-Buchanan t'Veras
Commander Alistair Nimitz (x2)
Commander Dandin Strand (POSTHUMOUS)
Lieutenant Commander Th'yss ch'Zhavis
Lieutenant Commander Keliaya
Lieutenant Commander Lendaria
Lieutenant Fenn Daori Jetaal (POSTHUMOUS)
Chief Petty Officer Laro Nazair (POSTHUMOUS)
Cadet Cecilia Skye
Captain Eve Sharpe, MACO
Captain Sadia Cynis, KDF
Gul Corak Ghemor, CDF

Starfleet Medal of Commendation
For conspicuous acts of valor and heroism.
Captain Andrej Timoreev
Captain Tau Thiessen
Commander Caspius (POSTHUMOUS)
Commander Rose Hanson
Commander Alistair Nimitz
Commander Mi'shune sh'Sonora
Commander Thalszhyl'ia Zh’Zhavis
Lieutenant Commander James Kermit (POSTHUMOUS)
Lieutenant Commander Hehsoiss (POSTHUMOUS)
Lieutenant Commander Keri Verlin
Lieutenant H'ajah
Lieutenant Loreih (POSTHUMOUS)
Lieutenant Rizar Visynth
Lieutenant (JG) Terre Jeei
Lieutenant (JG) Zaneck Kelda
Lieutenant (JG) Dolixa Litur
Lieutenant (JG) Alexander Vangilder (POSTHUMOUS)
Ensign Alexandria Niraj
First Lieutenant Gabriella Valencia, MACO (x2)
Ms. T'Pia Se'Lai

Prentares Ribbon of Commendation
For outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Federation through exploration or diplomacy.
Vice Admiral Neema Perim
Captain Minabi Derix
Captain Emery Quint
Captain Benjamin Rosewood
Captain Keelah Se'Lai
Captain Martin Wilkes (POSTHUMOUS)
Commander Rose Hanson
Commander Alistair Nimitz (x3)
Lieutenant Commander Saun Jay Brex
Lieutenant (JG) Cyrene Mavil
Mr. Lev Bim Bozgid, FDC

Grankite Order of Tactics
In recognition of exceptional tactical acumen.
Captain Emery Quint
Captain Keelah Se'Lai

Zefram Cochrane Medal of Excellence
For outstanding feats in the fields of Science and Engineering.
Captain Beylara Ailes (POSTHUMOUS)
Lieutenant Commander Viamonta deCapulet
Lieutenant Seral Val S'Nat
Lieutenant Rizar Visynth
Lieutenant (JG) Zanek Kelda
Commander Davin Mandukar, RRF
Commander Thue t'Xereth, RRF

Starfleet Surgeons Decoration
In recognition of outstanding achievements in the Medical sciences.
Commander Maximillian Pohl
Lieutenant Commander Katriel Sedai
Lieutenant Patience Mount (POSTHUMOUS)
Lieutenant (JG) Cyrene Mavil

Federation Exceptional Civil Service Award
In recognition of outstanding civilian contributions to the efforts of Starfleet and the Federation.
Mr. Lev Bim Bozgid, FDC
Ms. Miyata LaRouche

D'takaram - The Great Comet (Equivalent to Prentares Ribbon of Commendation)
For great contributions to the advancement or expansion of the Romulan Republic.
Commander-General Rellir t'Lhaihtrha
Commander Thue t'Xereth (x2)
Sublieutenant Aev
Sublieutenant Shiarrael t'Lhoell

Sotarek Citation (Equivalent to Grankite Order of Tactics)
For significant tactical and military achievements while in service to the Republic.
Commander Davin Mandukar
Commander Ren'aal tr'Volskiar
Subcommander R'Imus ch'Rihan
Centurion Vordai t'Krediv

Fall 2417 Promotions

Commander Alistair Nimitz, promoted to Captain

Lieutenant Commander Keri Verlin, promoted to Commander

Lieutenant Klaarna promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Seral Val S'Nat promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Centurion Llaiir promoted to Subcommander (erei'Riov) (POSTHUMOUS)


Transcript for in-game ceremony. Please note that the lists in-game were abbreviated for time.