((2022)) Spring Awards Ceremony - Full Awards List

Spring 2421 Awards List

Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry

For extreme bravery in the line of duty.
  • Captain Drake Tungsten
  • Commander Sakkhet
  • Lieutenant Miriam Reyes
  • Lieutenant (JG) Alexandria Niraj
  • Ensign Adelaide Murphy
  • Ensign Thyzee
  • Captain Emila Varerus, MACO
  • Captain Gabriella Valencia, MACO

Prentares Ribbon of Commendation

For outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Federation through exploration or diplomacy.
  • Captain Serah Grant
  • Captain Ayesha Mirazuni
  • Captain Drake Tungsten
  • Captain Tellara Zarath
  • Lieutenant (JG) Ulrich Stern
  • Ensign Thyzee

Grankite Order of Tactics

In recognition of exceptional tactical acumen.
  • Captain Serah Grant
  • Captain Alistair Nimitz
  • Lieutenant (JG) Siana Mekyu

Starfleet Recognition Ribbon

For accomplishment and excellence in the line of duty.
  • Captain Rose Hanson (x2)
  • Captain Alexandria Holmes (x2)
  • Captain Ayesha Mirazuni (x3)
  • Captain Trellain De Drowvani Nimitz
  • Captain Alistair Nimitz (x2)
  • Captain Andrej Timoreev
  • Captain Drake Tungsten (x3)
  • Captain Mi’shune sh’Sonora
  • Commander Tala Akaela
  • Commander Arien Lleyal
  • Commander Katriel Sedai
  • Lieutenant Commander Kara Blake
  • Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Loxton (x2)
  • Lieutenant Commander Odi Tysir
  • Lieutenant Commander Sera Valore (x2)
  • Lieutenant Serris Zital
  • Lieutenant (JG) Siana Mekyu
  • Lieutenant (JG) Rumiho Mitsuki
  • Lieutenant (JG) Sakura Miyawaki
  • Ensign Adelaide Murphy (x4)
  • Ensign Michael Riker
  • Ensign Veneela Sovum (x4)
  • Ensign Thyzee (x2)
  • Chief Petty Officer Thylan Ashodi
  • Chief Petty Officer Keilin Ibrait

Federation Exceptional Civil Service Award

In recognition of outstanding civilian contributions to the efforts of Starfleet and the Federation.
  • Field Overseer Liasvarnu IV

Republic Navy Recognition Ribbon

For accomplishment and excellence in the line of duty.
  • Commander Nathes
  • Commander Rai
  • Subcommander Taela
  • Lieutenant Shea (x2)

Spring 2421 Promotions

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Sonya Niazov promoted to Lieutenant.
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Ulrich Stern promoted to Lieutenant.
Ensign Adelaide Murphy promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade).
Ensign Thyzee promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade).
Cadet Gha’Kahrr commissioned as Ensign.
Cadet Cecilia Skye advanced to Cadet (1st Class).

Transcript for in-game ceremony here: https://argo.ex-astris.net/t/spring-2421-award-ceremony-transcript-2022/2264