21 JAN: Office Hours ((Beta))

The Senior Officers on DS13 are holding open office hours prior to their staff meeting. Any crewmembers or station inhabitants are welcome to bring questions, comments, concerns, etc. on a first come first serve walk-in basis. Afterwards, the Department Heads will be attending a staff meeting.


When: Saturday, 21 January @ beta shift

Where: DS13

What: Office Hours / Staff Meeting

OOC point of contact: @EledriPrime


OOC: This event repeats once per month, for the foreseeable future.

The first part will be 'office hours' during which Captain Freeman and as many of the station's Department Heads as possible will be available for characters to meet with. This time can be used to bring up anything your characters might want to discuss ICly. This could be an opportunity to introduce or advance plots, help develop your characters, or anything else you can think of!

If possible, the Admiral and Starship Squadron Commanders may be available during this time as well.

After approximately an hour, we'll move on to the second part of the event, which will be a staff meeting for the DS13 Department Heads (or their Assistants or representatives, if they can't make it personally). Ideally, the Department Heads will leave this meeting with monthly goals to bring back to their departments.

((Totally stole this template from Kermit. *sage nod*))
I'll be there! :)
Me too!
nnnnI might be? Pokemon pre-release tomorrow. Depends on if we go to Pokemon League too or just the event.
If Tau is not at the staff meeting I will put a proper sign up saying "Pre-empted by Pokemans" for you, lol.

I'll hopefully be at the staff meeting, but will be getting off work at the beginning of the office hours still.
Konie will be in the cantina for any Taurus captains or any other parties that want to corner him.