23 Aug: Pariah Colony Development

Despite Borg interference, development and construction of the Krikaya Colony has been proceeding apace and Colonial Command has enlisted Task Force Argo personnel to survey and scout the surrounding wilderness for appropriate locations for some supplemental facilities. Due to the lack of availability of ground vehicles, volunteer personnel should dress warmly and be prepared to walk ... a lot.


When: 23 Aug @ gamma

Where: Starts on DS13, but then we head off to Krikaya! (no, really this time)

What: Briefing, then free form / planning RP in foundry. Depending on attendance, we'll be splitting into groups for foundry part.

OOC point of contact: @evenrue


(there will be no borg. just...... saying.)


The following is a list of the facilities that require location scouting, as well as relevant criteria that personnel should keep in mind during the scouting. Should there be a sufficient number of volunteers, splitting up the task may be best.

-- Auxiliary Communications Tower (~50 sq meters)
OPTIONAL Prefer terrain with height

-- Secondary Storage Compound (~200 sq meters)
MANDATORY Should be located a distance away from the main colony
OPTIONAL Natural fortifications to make it easier to protect and avoid discovery by potential hostiles

-- Perimeter Generators (~15 sq meters each)
MANDATORY Select three (3) sites at minimum to generate a triangular perimeter
MANDATORY Generated perimeter must encompass entirety of main colony site
OPTIONAL Romulan representative should ideally be present to select these sites, due to tech being donated by Romulan Republic

Spoiler: Use the following map and coordinate system to submit selectionsShow

Should more detail be required, you are free to come up with your own documentation methodology.
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Ill be there at least :)
Oh, awesome, Gamma! Maybe I'll finally be able to make a Pariah event.
I would love to participate -- I get off work @ gamma sharp and get back home @ gamma:20, so if one team at least is willing to wait just a tiiiiiny bit, I would be ever in your debt. :)
This event is tomorrow. First post has been updated with a little bit more detail.
Just a reminder, this event kicks off in just over an hour. Hope to see you all there!