23 Nov: A Shot in the Dark [Cancelled]

The Senior Staff of the USS Alexander have put their C.O. & X.O.'s former Intel professions to work; and have proposed a Federation Taskforce lay in wait in the Halcyon Dark Nebula after leaving a false trail for the Terrans. Intel will suggests that the Remnants of the Azedi Confederacy is working with the Federation in a secret base hidden within the nebula on an interdimensional wormhole generator that can force the Terrans back into their own Mirror Universe. Unbeknownst to the Terrans, this is the federation bait to lure them in and further break the Terran Fleet.

The Halcyon Nebula is classified as a Dark Nebula, with high concentrations of various volatile minerals and gasses, as well as moderate to severe levels of radiation. Starship Shields, Energy Weapons and Sensors will generally not function properly within the Nebula, so ships will need to rely on ‘old school’ methods of movement and targeting. Ships are still able to utilize Torpedo’s within the nebula, but must rely on manual targeting. At the same time, any torpedo detonation will result in “Ignition” of that specific section of space making travel through nearly impossible.

Will the Federations Strategy pay off, or with the Terran’s desire for destruction be too great for Starfleet to handle?

Shift Time: Beta +2

Audience: OPEN To Federation and Terran Characters!

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: A Discord RP Lobby will be Opened 1hr Prior. Please “@Maikull#4961” in #FleetOps Channel when opened for access.

We will be playing a variant of “Battleship” except everyone will be playing on the same board. The game map will be a 15x20 Grid inside of a “Dark Nebula”. Game pieces are modeled after traditional Battleship Pieces, but take the form of our Ship Combat system.(Dreadnaught, Cruiser, Science, Escort) Each ship will have some benefits and drawbacks to them, so choose your ships wisely. (The same risk of ship destruction still applies to this game, so be careful!)


There is no “Turn Order” for this game. Each team will designate their own targets/actions and all ‘actions’ will be performed in unison (in an attempt to shorten the dragged out playtime of some of our previous PVP matches) once everyone on both teams have locked in their answers.

A General [Discord Chatroom] for game progression will be created prior to the start of the game, after that, players will be invited into Faction Specific Sub-Chats. The “Main Chatroom” will be designed for Character RP Reactions, Spectators, as well as an IC Summery of Round Progression. The “Sub Channels” will be designed for team planning and move orders (So the other team does not know what you are doing). Each room will be given a link to a presentation map that will visually lay out the games progession. This map will be faction specific and only show YOUR fleets position, as well as known hit locations (Designed “Ignitions”).

Each Round, players will determine which Grid Coordinates they wish to attack (The Terrans, initially thinking their trying to destroy the Azadi Base, the Feds attempting to attack the Terrans) Grid call-outs are similar to Chess (A-04, L-09, etc). Some ships have special abilities that can be used in place of attacks, which you can choose to do freely each round.

When a Section of space is ‘hit’ a Giant Fireball will be visible to both sides on the map indicating that section has been marked. If a Starship is in that section, they will loose 1 Hull Point, and be given a chance to use “Evasive Maneuvers” as indicated by their Move Dice Below. Starships are free to move (up/down, not Diagonally) equal or less than the number they roll. To get out of an Ignited Space. Any ship that willingly moves through ignited space will also suffer 1 point of damage to their hull (unless otherwise stated), and regardless of movement, you cannot end your turn in Ignited Space.

Scattered within the Nebula is a bit of scattered debris of left over ships that were unfortunate to be caught unprepared inside. If these debris are discovered, a ship can forgo their attack phase and ‘transport’ the scrap to their ship (or to an ally) to restore 1 Hit point. You can discover these piles of debris by moving into a section with them, or by utilizing a science ship. These piles cannot be ‘stockpiled’ and can only be interacted with to restore points. If no one needs the points, the scrap will remain in place until such time someone reacts with it. (or if the enemy discovers it first and snatches it up)

Ship Specs:

Dreadnaughts have 4 Health, and a 1d4 Movement

  • Can move through Ignited Space without taking damage
    (but cannot END your turn in Ignited Space)

Cruisers have 3 Health and a 1d6 Movement

  • You can forgo an Attack and Roll to Move.

Science Ships have 2 Health, and a 1d8 Movement

  • You can forgo an Attack to ‘Scan’ a set of coordinates, revealing to your team if anything is there. (Scan will reveal the location scanned, as well as 1 section in each direction, in a [+] sign)

Escorts have 2 Health, and a 1d10 Movement

  • You can Attack Twice.

Each “Round” Will have a 5min Timer set once we get started. If someone goes AFK, their “Roll” will be determined by the GM to help keep things moving along (probably going with team consensus).

If you have any questions, or need clarification, feel free to respond here and I will reply the best I can! This is a new concept, so it MAY have a few bugs, but we can deal with that on a case to case basis.