24 Feb: Attacks of Opportunity part II

Starfleet intelligence believes a Tzenkethi attack on an Alliance world could happen very soon, and with their new Protomatter Torpedoes, billions of lives could be lost in moments once such an attack begins.

Several Tzenkethi fleet groups have been spotted on the move in the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet Command has assigned the 38th Fleet an area to patrol. If a protomatter attack is launched, an alliance task force will be in position to put a stop to it.


When: 24 Feb @ beta

Where: TBD

What: TBD

OOC point of contact: @bobisgod171

Darn it. The one time that there is a Beta Event I really want to get to and I can't. If only it was at Gamma for once lol
I'll do my best to attend.
I will be there
The San Francisco (and her cargo!) Shall be availed.
Bump! This is tomorrow (Saturday)

By popular demand, I will try to run a second instance of this event at gamma shift. Attendance for the gamma showing will be limited to those who can ONLY attend gamma. If you can make Beta, pleeeeaaasssee do so. Thanks!
Will this still be running again at Gamma time?
Attendance permitting, we will be running a second event at gamma, yes.
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