24 Mar: Operation Roadblock

Starfleet Command has received new intelligence from the Mirror Universe and fleets throughout the Alliance are being deployed in response. Two task forces from the 38th Fleet will be departing DS13 in support of anti-Terran objectives. Vice Admiral Aluk will be briefing crews prior to departure.

Shift Time: gamma

Audience:  OPEN  See below.

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Discord

This will be part of the canonization of the STO episodes Eye of the Storm and The Fujiwhara Effect. There are some important OOC notes regarding this event, so
please read carefully before attending:

  • Characters and ships attending this event will be LOCKED IN to this storyline for a period of approximately 3 days. Please expect to be unable to RP these characters as part of other RP until the conclusion of our canonization some time on Monday March 27th. In return, these characters will have a unique shared experience that may be interesting for character development or follow-up RP.

  • Ship Captains attending MUST allow any PC crewmembers to OOCly opt-out and have their characters not be ICly present on- or off-screen if they do not agree to the above restriction.

  • In addition to the group participating in this event on-screen, there will be an off-screen task force with a similar mission and outcome, for anyone who wants their character to participate in this story but is unable to make the event. This is not a direct RP opportunity, but simply the opportunity for a second group to say “Yes, my character was there for this.” To be included in this off-screen group, you must post a reply to this thread stating your interest, and I’ll contact you to discuss your character’s off-screen participation.

  • This will be a REAL-TIME event on discord. If you attend/participate, we will expect you to be present and able to respond as you would if the event were in-game. The event itself should last around 2.5 hours, and there is a hard-stop at the three hour mark.

  • This event will use the SHIP Captain framework for combat portions. It will be purely PvE with heavy GMing, so don’t worry too much about trying to min-max the system, and don’t stress if you haven’t used it before. We’re going to focus on story more than mechanics at this event. That said, please at least read through the framework post before the start of the event so you have an idea.

  • The event itself is OOCly OPEN TO EVERYONE. Even if your character is not attending, you are welcome to join in as an NPC ship. Depending on attendance and interest, I may have secondary RP channels set up for on-ship RP for lower ranking characters/crews, to run concurrently with the main ship-focused channel.

  • To help me organize the above, I am asking for anyone attending as a non-captain to post a reply below indicating which character.

OOC USS Alexander will take Official Part. First hour or so I may be in and out depending on kiddos, but ill definatly be there.

I would like IKS Qul Cha’bIp and SCS Shal Tek to participate offscreen however possible.

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I’m iffy on attending because of that character lock-out. Speaking up now to put my peeps in Task Force Off-Screen :tm: as a fall-back plan. When would a decision need to be made there?


Ack, I apologize for being unclear on this point.

The off-screen group may also be subject to the 3-day RP restriction (pending confirmation when I contact you to detail what happens). The unique experience that you are signing up to be part of is precisely what will keep the characters away from the fleet for the duration. We may be able to work out an alternate role when we chat, so if you’re uncertain and want more details (aka spoilers) feel free to sign up and we’ll sort it out.

I’ll take sign-ups right up until the start of the event (though the earlier you sign up the easier you make my life! <3 )

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USS October; Coby Morton

Count me in, this sounds great and can’t wait!


I can volunteer for NPC ship duty. I have an unhealthy habit of hoarding and collecting ships. (Yes I’ve talk to a therapist, they too started collecting ships.)




I would like to volunteer the U.S.S. Niamh for the offscreen task force, and I will hopefully be able to attend with the U.S.S. al-Haytham as a player captain.


Unfortunately I’ll not be able to join the event on Friday, but I’d definitely like to get one of my captains involved in the offscreen task force. Since Dubois and the Peacecraft are already handling the other Task Force, I’d like to propose Timoreev and the USS Attar.

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I am interested in attending the event. But I have work on Saturday, and will not be available for RP until the late afternoon, or early evening. Will that be a problem depending on when the events for Saturday are planned?

The event is Friday (tonight) at gamma (1.5 hours from now). Characters that attend will be UNAVAILABLE for RP on Saturday and Sunday.