24 Nov: Pie in the Sky

Reyga November event.

The observation team in the Stukrid system has reached out to the USS Reyga with a novel request. The civilization under observation will be holding a significant global celebration, presenting an invaluable moment to collect critical cultural data about the people. However, as the observation team is small, they’ve requested additional personnel to undercover attend the events and record their observations for research.

Interested personnel should read up on the observation team’s records so far and let command know of their preferences in which cloud city they would like to visit (Horizon, Reclaim Core, Bio-Grove); the preference will be accommodated only if possible.

Stukrid System databank entry.

Shift Time: gamma +2

Audience: Reyga Crew

Attendance: RESERVED; 9 spaces total, priority goes to Reyga crew members

RP Format: Social / GM

Setting: Stukrid System

Starting Point: Discord

OOC Premise for event has been decided, will be updating post as I solidify more details.

[edit] Finally updated! Also yes, I renamed the event.