2492 Activity

Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO 38th/Command
CC DS13/Command
SUBJ Suspected 2492 Activity

On Stardate 94602.5 ((8 Aug 2417)) sensors on Talos Junction detected two objects originating in the Alpha-7192 sector. Initial track estimates indicated a likely destination in the Kelterre sector. Both objects exhibited limited course correction profiles; in the order of a few degrees. After a day of analysis our computers were able to more accurately back trace the objects point of origin to a region of space several light years inside of A7192. That area is believed to be Species 2492 space.

After a comparison with sensor data from Deep Space 13 the computer classified both objects as 2492 probes. The probes were just crossing into the Kelterre sector and were still relatively close to Talos Junction, so we did not break our emission security protocols and transmit off schedule. Instead, effort was made to determine a more accurate destination. The current tracks would intercept the Tower Keep system and terminate in the Potter's Field Anomaly.

Our sensors observed the destruction of both probes on Stardate 94605.6 ((10 Aug 2417). The cause of destruction remains unknown. There were no other vessels or objects in the immediate area, so it is our belief the probes were self-destructed before reaching their intended targets. We've increased our sensor section alert status as a result of this, and will be keeping a close eye on the region in the coming weeks.

The sensor logs in question are attached should Deep Space 13 wish to conduct further analysis.

Ensign Ulrich Stern
Communications Officer, Talos Junction

//ATTACHMENT// Sensors.log