25 Aug | Attack the Day

Isep Xedi II is a united world that is rapidly advancing as a warp-capable species. Their entire religion emphasizes a need to expand in the sciences and their encounter with the Federation and the Romulan Republic encourages them to strive for even greater successes.

They are having a holy event, a syzygy, where the third planet and four of its moons are aligning, while three more are creating a perpendicular path. The Federation and Romulan Republic are being invited to join the Xedi to observe this astronomical phenomenon.

When: August 25th @ gamma
Audience: Open
Event Type: Structured, Social
Starting Point: Starts at the DS13 Conference Room
OOC point of contact: @dryadae

This is not a continuation of the Reverie plot series, nor do you have to have had participated in them to partake in Attack the Day. However, there is a Planetary Database File on the Isep Xedi system, and all reports and documents leading up to this event are posted there, if you are the type who likes to research before you jump in. (I am, so I get it.)

All are welcome. This is not a U.S.S. William Ockham storyline and has nothing to do with that ship in particular.

I should be there.
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I should be available.
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Tagor can come scan maybe?
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I'm not sure if I'm free, but if I am, I'll be there
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I should be able to make this. :)

Update: won't be able to make it after all. I'm watching my son whilst my wife is out for the night with her siblings for her brother's birthday. Sorry!
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Should be able to make it
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This is tonight!

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