25 June | Across the Sleeping City

The U.S.S. Attar leads a small task force in order to shed light on a mysterious anomaly that seems to be somehow linked with a signal belonging to a Starfleet vessel vanished fifteen years ago.


When: Tuesday, 25th June, Beta +1

Audience: Open

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: U.S.S. Attar main bridge

OOC point of contact: @chrisdubois


This is designed to be an event crucial for the further developing of Timoreev's story arc, so anyone who may be interested in contributing to such a development is welcome to join. On the same note, please be aware that the event will be 'consequence-heavy': every choice of the players will potentially make a great impact on both the event's further progression and the story/life of some characters.
The task force will be of course composed by more than one vessel, though I prefer to keep it as small as possible, so no more than three vessels (not counting the Attar) will attend on a first-come-first-served basis. Of course other COs are free to join nonetheless.
Finally, depending on how long it will take the event will either be a one-session or a two-session episode, so an eventual follow-up may be possible.

For those interested, here's the link at the prelude to the event.
If RW is cleared for duty in time, I am very down for coming along!
Sam will be there to support his best friend! Also, Brie will be there to annoy RW, so there's something for everyone!
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