25 Oct: Bajoran Gratitude Festival

Peldor Joi! The annual Bajoran Gratitude Festival is rolling around and representatives from several reputable Starfleet organizations have been personally invited by this year's Presider to take part in the festivities on Bajor itself. Come join your fellow officers to put your troubles behind you and celebrate a new beginning!

Dress code consists of fleet uniform (odyssey or dress) OR culturally-appropriate robes would be an acceptable alternative.


When: our usual gamma time, i.e...

25 OCT @ 4pm EDT (GMT -4)
1pm PDT / 2pm MDT / 3pm CDT / 4pm EDT ... 9pm BST
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Where: Bajor! Meeting on Hathon.

What: Lightly structured social RP, then ... <_< >_>

OOC point of contact: @evenrue, @ompgaming1


We have confirmed attendance from individuals from 26th Fleet Protectors of Freedom, and Zenas Expeditionary Force. As a result, this is probably going to be a high attendance event and, as such, comes with its own unique sets of problems/issues, one of the least of which is fast chat scroll. There will be points in which people are going to be encouraged to break away a little, to help reduce this.

However, it is worth noting that the major meat of the event is probably not going to be the ceremony/proceedings, so even if you are afraid of crowds, it might still be worth your time to stick around and get in on the segmented event. In the interests of facilitating/fostering open OOC understanding, the main event is detailed in the following spoiler box. Obviously do not click if you do not want spoilers.

Events will unfold to reveal a large scale undine infiltration in Hathon.

Groups will be formed so that people will be able to private queue Undine Infiltration, the STF, so that you guys may RP through it at your leisure.

In other words, there will be intrigue/interrogation and there will be combat. :p
Sounds like fun. Terre will be there, of course.
I should be there as well.
Is SFK invited? :d
Hmm, interesting.

Let's go with yes.
Bump! This is tomorrow all. :) Edited first post with some additional information, as well.

See you all on Bajor, I hope!
I will most likely attend as Korath. :)
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This is happening this afternoon. Please keep in mind that this is a multi-fleet event. We have invited three other RP fleets to participate in this event with us. It looks to be a fun time! I hope to see you all there.
Just a heads up, do to the server situation, we are going to wait 30 minutes to see if the servers come back up before postponing this event. Sorry, and thanks for understanding.
Ok, due to the server issues, we have postponed the Argo Gratitude Festival event. Our apologies. Look for an updated time and date in the coming days. We are looking at mid October. Thanks.
Well, that sucks. Just got home and I thought, well i'm not too late....then I see the server is down. :o
We have found a new date for our multi-fleet Bajoran Gratitude Festival. We are now aiming for the 25th of October at

12:00 (noon) PT; 1:00PM MT; 2:00PM CT; 3:00PM ET; 8:00PM BST

We will be coordinating and meeting on Bajor before the festival. We look forward to seeing you all there.


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Friendly reminder that this is coming up next Gamma (Sat, the 25th.) :o
Looked at when I was scheduled. I get off at 4, so if it's still going on I should be 20-30 minutes late.
You should be fine Mac. Given that three others fleets were invited, its going to take 20-30 minutes to get everything organized. Hope to see you there!
Notice, we had to move the time of this event forward one hour. Sorry Mac, I know this might upset your plans to attend, but it couldn't be helped.

My apologies to the fleet for changing this event... AGAIN!

The event is still on the 25th, but the new start time is now:

12:00 (noon) PT; 1:00PM MT; 2:00PM CT; 3:00PM ET; 8:00PM BST
Hi guys, today's the day.

I wanted to also note that it's possible that if there are enough late people, a second IC 'pass' could easily be set up for them, so don't totally sign off on the possibility of participating if you can't be on time.
I would totally be down for round II.
Yeah, if you guys hold another event later in the day or another time,I'd totally would want to come. 2 PM CT is too early for me unfortunately as I don't get out of work till 3 PM and by the time I drive home, take the dog out and step back in, it's at least 3:30.
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