27 Nov: Crescendo

Interrogation of Starfleet prisoners has revealed the location of 12 surviving Azedi dreadnoughts. All available battlefleet ships are being gathered to assault the I-7815 System to destroy the dreadnoughts and any Starfleet ships arriving to meet with them. This mission takes priority over all other assignments.

At great cost, a trap has been set for the Terran fleet. They believe a number of Azedi dreadnoughts are hiding and vulnerable in the I-7815 System, near the Itrin/Doza border. Because of the potential threat posed by such a gathering of dreadnoughts, and the original objective of their invasion, Starfleet Intelligence believes that the Terrans will commit the bulk of their battlefleet to this engagement. When they arrive, the 38th Fleet will be ready for them.

Shift Time: beta

Audience:  SEMI-OPEN  for any character controlling a starship.

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Discord

This event will use the SHIP Captain space combat system for PvP. I’d expect it to last around 3 hours.

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This is today!

The discord channel has been created. If you’re interested in participating or spectating, you can go to #lobby-ooc and click the :eyes: emoji on the Crescendo scene.

If you intend to PARTICIPATE IN COMBAT, please either:

  1. reply to this thread
  2. ping Kermit in #fleet-ops on discord

I will be sending out invites ~15 minutes prior to beta so we can get set up.