27 Oct: Contagion

A rescue mission has potentially lethal consequences for all involved.
When: Sat Oct 27 @Gamma -1
Audience: OPEN: Open to all characters. No limitations.
Event Type: Structured RP (Special Rules)
Mission Type: Special Event
Starting Point: Starbase Conference Room
OOC point of contact: @CaoCaopuff
OOC: Welcome to the USS Eminence's debilitating disease game! This is a special RP Event open to everyone. Don't mind the title, the event will involve all departments.

EDIT: Rules posted. Subject to change.
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I would be interested in attending, will wait for more details before deciding on who to bring.
Aw, man. I traded work shifts with someone that weekend and I don't think I can make gamma - 1. I love disease games though, I'm a plague, inc champion! I can maaaaaaybe be home by gamma, if I can jump in late. Of course, who else but Cyrene would want to come!
No idea if I'd do well in this.. but I think I'm free that day so put me down as a maybe... character TBD.
Updated: Rules Posted

No problem Bey, people can drift in and out as needed :) And Dex I'm mostly going to use this run to test and tune the rules. Right now, everything is just arbitrary.

The end goal is to tune it so everyone can 'do well' even with zero knowledge of anything disease related. It might take some doing. If you decide to attend, your help is appreciated :)
Event is still scheduled to run today.

To any COs who plan to attend, if any of you want to volunteer your ship as the setting then that would be great :)
I'm probably out for this time now, things happen. Hopefully still enough people.