28 - 29 Dec: Argo Holiday Social

Argo will be holding a two-day Winter Social for various seasonal activities.


When: 28 - 29 Dec

Sat, 28 Dec @ gamma: Ice Skating and Tides of Ice
Sat, 28 Dec @ delta: Argo Film Club presents "It's a Wonderful Life"

Sun, 29 Dec @ gamma: Present Wars (White Elephant gift exchange)
Sun, 29 Dec @ gamma+2: Banquet and special holiday presentation

Where: DS13, in holodeck-A (for snow activities). Then fleet embassy for the movies and present wars. OOCly we will be in Q's Winter Wonderland for the ice skating/snowball fighting.

What: Winter/holiday social

OOC point of contact: Any staff


Seasonal/cold weather attire is mandatory for the ice skating activities. Casual off-duty clothing is encouraged at the others. Check with admins to make sure you're in the right instance for our fleet gathering, in case Cryptic's auto-grouping is failing.

Organized Winter Activities
In the spirit of having more seasonal fun in the snow, counseling has appropriated some of the holodeck programs activities for fleet personnel to participate in.

1. Tides of Ice
All participating characters will queue and battle in the actual "Tides of Ice" snowman Borg event. Some IC discussion may ensue if characters want to be strategic and minimize leaks as a team. ICly, the holodeck will award a score based on how well the team does:
0 leaks - Gold Medal
< 10 leaks - Silver Medal
< 30 leaks - Bronze Medal

2. Ice skating
Freeskating on the ice rink before and after Tides of Ice. Skating lessons available! Auto-balancing skates also available for those who'd like to do tricks with no effort at all.

Argo Film Club
The Argo Film Club will be presenting "It's a Wonderful Life".

Present Wars or White Elephant gift exchange
Counseling will also be hosting a 'Present Wars', or sometimes called 'White Elephant', gift exchange. Characters who are interested in participating MUST ICLY BRING one (1) wrapped gift to the activity. Further instructions and full explanation of activity will take place at the time of event.

Banquet and special holiday presentation
Socialization and holiday treats. Starbase personnel have volunteered to put on a special holiday performance for everyone to enjoy as well. ((OOCly, a short youtube video or maybe two.))